Introducing DRESSLAB, a dynamic, interactive and audiovisual e-zine on clothes + music + art, created in Barcelona in early 2001.

DRESSLAB is not just any old lifestyle magazine, it differentiates itself from others through its original innovative style of presenting fashion and its relationship with art, music and lifestyle, using all the resources that the web allows for: photography, video, graphics, music, animation and interaction.

It also offers creators and artists a space for critical reflection, for new ideas and new points of view.

DRESSLAB was selected as one of the best digital fashion magazines in the book NET MODE Web Fashion Now, written by Laird Borrelli and published by Thames & Hudson in 2002.

Since 2006 DRESSLAB has been one of the websites of reference on FASHION.net, the best fashionable guide on the Internet.

Enjoy your DRESSLAB experience with: sound activated + a smile + no hurry + all your senses switched on

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