Dos Palillos. Tapas in an oriental setting

Section: CITY, Barcelona, Gourmet

Date: 02.2013




Top notch cuisine in an old district of Barcelona. A quiet restaurant in a busy street. An Asian food stall in a Spanish tapas bar. I’m fascinated by contrasts. Loosen that straitjacket, kick off those high heels and put on your streetwear.

The truth is, you only realise how classy this place is when you pass through the curtains that separate one bar from the other and find yourself inside a small theatre where the greatest show on earth is about to begin.




Sit yourself in a corner and take in the experience. A sip of warm welcome, a veritable a chef’s waltz, the delicious detail of offering every customer a description of the delights they are about to savour.

It’s your birthday and your boyfriend has decided to let the world know. Next thing you know they bring out a cardboard birthday cake that unfolds like an accordion, with candles included. The chef’s serenade you, the lights go out and you make a wish – to come back next year.

Text_ Laura Sala


Dos Palillos
Carrer d’Elisabets 9
08001 Barcelona
T. +34 933 040 513



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