espaciovalverde. Caring for Art

Section: CITY, Madrid, Art

Date: 09.2012


espaciovalverde I DRESSLAB


There are professions that hide behind curtains, between written words or words in tangled knots; then there are people who follow their instincts, show their sensitive side, take care of what they do and share their richness with others.

At espaciovalverde they move in curious ways, they support art and all its peculiarities, they establish conceptual connections with the artists, they transmit a feeling of calm, seeing that everything is in harmony, that the space transmits what its works transmit and vice-versa. And we feel like we’re in a space that is cared for, open to experimentation.

Text. Laura Sala


Valverde 30
28004 Madrid
T. +34 609 572 226



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