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Date: 04.2013


Nordicthink l DRESSLAB


Coming across a beautiful design is like experiencing love at first sight. All of a sudden you are struck by its mere beauty, then, little by little, you begin to look closer and get a deeper understanding about what it is you are looking at and you begin to see its true virtues. This is where the comparison with design ends, before you begin to see the rough edges.

The Scandinavian designs on sale in Nordicthink (and on their website) are attractive, functional, uncomplicated, and leave little to be desired. This is a collection of great ideas designed to make an immediate impact.

These designs are both environmentally friendly and are made to last. They are the result of careful thought about the space to be occupied by each piece of furniture, lamp, or decorative object and, what’s more, they represent quality.

The fact is that the Scandinavians, with their artisan tradition, couldn’t do it any other way.

Text_ Laura Sala


Nordicthink l DRESSLAB


Consell de Cent 412
08009 Barcelona
T. +34 932 456 866



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