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ARANTXA RECIO. I like my work to transmit emotions and provocation « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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ARANTXA RECIO. I like my work to transmit emotions and provocation

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 10.2012


Arantxa Recio signs her works equally with both the name she heard every day at school from teachers as they called out the register, or with the pseudonym that heads her blog and flickr page, a name that doesn’t let on that behind it draws an artist from Zaragoza and not from Cadiz: Harsa. You only have to meet her or immerse yourself in her illustrations to know that the word Harsa* fits her like a glove.


Arantxa Recio I DRESSLAB


Arantxa, your work transmits a kind of happiness and sense of ease that I find very easy to associate good vibes you give off in person: What do you intend to transmit?
Wow, thanks a lot! It’s fantastic that that part is reflected in my work. Whenever I paint or draw I do it for myself, it’s one of the things that fulfils my life the most. I like the emotions and provocations to filter through, letting myself get carried away and expressing what I feel spontaneously… My inspiration comes from the life I live and how I experience it: I am like a sponge and the best way to express myself is through what I do. If it reaches people, then I am satisfied.

When did your style begin to forge itself?
I started to paint from a very early age, but perhaps my style began to define itself when I really threw myself into painting and the world of illustration. I think this moment is strongly linked to period of personal growth I went through about three years ago.

Who are your icons?
There are too many to mention: Charles Burns, Les Chats Pelés, Dave Copper, Tim Walker, Maurice Sendak…
I also pay great attention to the work of painters or artists from other periods like Goya, Bosch, Leonora Carrington…

If due to a lack of time you had to choose, what would you pick: a publishing project or an exhibition project?
Errrm…! Good question. It’s hard to know, the people that are behind each project are very important to me. If there is a good understanding between both parties, enthusiasm and desire to work, I have no issue with doing one over the other. I don’t like to limit my work.
Arantxa Recio I DRESSLAB
What does someone who earns a living doing what they like doing most do in their free time?
I try to enjoy life to the full: watch movies, read and spend time with my family and the people I love. Someone once told me that time waits for no-one and I think we should reflect a little more on that.

Your next project
I am painting a new piece for the Cristina Marín gallery and I have a collection of t-shirts to be released. I also take on commission based work and illustration jobs applied to objects such as wine jugs for Mú Restauración.
I recently collaborated with Mon Oncle, on a collection of ties for children which will come out shortly, and I will be taking part in the 3rd edition of Postales desde el Limbo (Postcards from Limbo), a charity art exhibition taking place in Zaragoza.
This October I’ll be taking part in the International “Mental Hearth Art & Film Festival” in Scotland, within the “Brainstorm creative exhibition”. It’s a display of posters with mental illness as the theme. And I am also preparing stuff for the “Young Illustrators Award 2012″ in Berlin and a new “POP-UP GALLERY”, in Madrid.

The best advice you’ve ever had
Count to 3
What you become as a person depends on the decisions you’ve made in your life.

Now we are entering the final semester of the year, could you give us an early evaluation of 2012?
It has been a year with a fair amount of changes and lots of artistic activity and production. I have gone from one project to another: Three exhibitions (the travelling “Graphic, 30 Artists from Young Spain”, the minimal art exhibition “Micro” in Huesca and a solo exhibition at Mú Restauración). On a parallel, I have taken part in live painting interventions, so in short, the evaluation is positive.


*Harsa is a typical cry of enthusiasm in Flamenco similar to ‘Olé!’
Arantxa Recio I DRESSLAB
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