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Dietrich Wegner, images to make you think « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Dietrich Wegner, images to make you think

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 11.2011


The best known work by Dietrich Wegner (1978, Adelaide, Australia) is probably the visual double commentary presented by his series Brand Tattoed Babies.

In just one image, the artist is capable of combining an observation of the evolution of famous brand logos everyone recognises and a demonstration of the excessive advertising children are exposed to. And so that this contemplation does not remain as just an image, here come the figures: a child is exposed to around 40,000 adverts a year. It seems hard that these circumstances don’t end up leaving a trace on our brain if not on our skin…

Dietrich Wegner I DressLab.com

I came across this artist, trained at The University of Ohio, through the fascination his series Playhouse caused in me.
Ever since we were little we knew that when the wizard waved his wand, behind the cloud of smoke there was a surprise that proved the magic existed.

This Australian’s sculptures in the form of smoke explosions hold the capacity to transport you to that childhood expectation. They extend a stairway to the sky inviting you to peer over a world we don’t usually get access to, where we don’t know what we might find…

Dietrich Wegner I DressLab.com

Dietrich Wegner I DressLab.com

But, as the great lover of contradictions that their creator is, he also places within our reach a world we know to be ephemeral. We contemplate the beauty of the clouds certain of their almost immediate disappearance and positive and negative concepts combine in our minds: ‘A contradiction exists between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows. With this conflicting experience, I aim to evoke our curiosity and our unstable assumptions’ – Wegner explains.


Dietrich Wegner I DressLab.com

To top off the list of contradictions, the artist goes a step further and sculpts clouds out of a material that is hard to recognise without past references. Our representation of soft, flexible, changing, white clouds is substituted by a consistent structure of polished wood. Dietrich proposes another challenge to our conventions, in order to test our capacity to adapt to other possible worlds.


Dietrich Wegner I DressLab.com


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