FRANCISCA PAGEO. I identify with the same desire to escape as that of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Author: Luisa Bernal

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Date: 04.2013


The first professional contact that Francisca Pageo (Murcia, 1983) had with photography was when she worked as her brother’s assistant. She studied printing and graphic arts and gradually developed the more personal style for which she is now recognised: her unmistakeable collages.


Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB


The artist, also known as Misspaq, refers to the time when she discovered collage as the time when she began to devour everything remotely related to the art world: “It was a time of experimentation when I let myself be guided by all things novel and exotic. My inspiration came from many sources, from photography and cinema, even from confectionary. I was full of new ideas”.

Francisca works very intuitively. One gets the impression that from the moment she sits down at the table with her files, scissors and glue, in her mind she can already visualise the final composition with stunning clarity:
“I’m a real perfectionist, and more so with regard to my work. At the moment of creativity I need a certain tranquility for the final work to be perfectly harmonious”.


Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB

Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB


What are you trying to transmit?
More than transmit, I like to excite and inspire. I like my work to elicit reflection. Some people find my work soothing, calming and inspiring. That’s very touching.

Who would you cite as your models?
They are many and varied, from director Andrei Tarkovsky to the painter Degas, photographers Francesca Woodman and Elliot Erwit, writers Thoreau and Pessoa…

Both Francisca’s blog and her social networks are full of musical recommendations, so it is almost obligatory to ask her what soundtrack she would put to her work:
Wow! That’s a tricky question. I’m very fond of ambient and drone music and it’s possible that my work approaches the minimalist lines that these styles share. Stars of the Lid, Alva Noto, Brian Eno, Harold Budd…and even a touch of jazz, like Mark Hollis.

I know you’re an avid reader. Name a fictional character with whom you identify.
I identify very closely with Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. Since I was very young I have identified with her, perhaps with her desire to escape and her enthusiasm for moving forward…
I also identify with another very different character, Bernardo Soares, from The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. It’s a book that is, and always has been, on my bedside table.


Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB


Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB


A fallen angel?
To be honest I don’t really think I have one. With regard to ideologies, celebrities, and so forth, I’m a person with very clear ideas.

An inspirational place?
I love giant forests. I love trees, and when there are a lot of them close together and the foliage is very dense, even more so.

The best advice you’ve been given?
To keep creating, despite everything, even in toughest of times. I have people who support me and believe in what I do, and their presence is a great incentive to keep working.


Francisca Pageo l DRESSLAB


Short and long-term desires?
A wish for 2013 would be to exhibit my work in another country. I love to travel and that would be the perfect excuse.
In the long term I would like to combine collage with film and music in a totally multi-disciplinary context. That would be a potpourri of everything I love!



She has already taken her first steps, collaborating with Blanca Galindo in the art direction of the introduction of the Tour or Die Pilot Project for the band Agent Ribbons.


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