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Gavin Worth. Sculpting Wire « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Gavin Worth. Sculpting Wire

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 04.2012


Before standing out in the field of sculpture, Gavin Worth (Zimbabwe, 1981) studied Drama, he never stopped drawing and defines himself as a self-taught plastic artist.

It’s clear you had an artistic vocation but have you finally defined which discipline you relate to most, have you left acting behind or do you still combine it with plastic arts and sculpture?
Wire sculpture still has a long way to go. I definitely feel very excited to be starting to make pieces on a much bigger scale and sculptures that play more with form, but I am also thinking of ways to combine everything further in a narrative structure. It’s a new idea, so it’s difficult to talk about it at the moment, but yes, I am seeking to combine various disciplines.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


How did the idea of wire sculpture first come about?
I was looking for a new medium that escaped all traditional materials: oil paints, canvas, and stone or metal in sculpture. I had experimented with all of them in the past and I was tired of the stigma and exclusiveness they held.
I wanted a new material that could take the audience aback with its immediate presence within a different environment. I was looking for a new vocabulary to express my ideas. I began to wander through a hardware store and experimented with cardboard, spray paint, aluminium, steel plates and wire. I saw a programme on Calder and I was impressed by the shape of his works and I knew that’s what I wanted to explore but in a more realist style. A week later, I was creating my first sculpture.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


Gavin was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in New Mexico, California witnessed his performances with Shakespeare Theater and now he is professor at the American International School in Cairo. Where does a person with your life experience feel your roots are?
That is a difficult question. My paternal family were from California and they were all involved in show business: my grandparents were musicians and my grandmother’s brother was a famous cinema actor. My mother is Iranian. I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in New Mexico. I think if I had to call anywhere home it would be there. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet and the people are wonderful.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


Why Egypt?
My wife and I had lived in San Francisco for a while and were looking for opportunities to live abroad. We wanted to move out of our bubble and live in other places. I received job offers in Cairo and Hong Kong. The job in Cairo was very interesting so we decided to come here. It’s a fascinating place, but it’s not easy: we face many challenges everyday because we are basically so different. But what is not lacking here is inspiration, everywhere you turn your head you see something amazing.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


What is your way of working? Do your surroundings have an influence on your creations?
The idea and design are everything. If I see a person move in a particular way, or if the way in which two people interact draws my attention, I’ll try and capture it in a drawing. I try to translate it and express it with wire. I am currently living in Cairo, Egypt, and it seems clear to me that the atmosphere influences my work. You can’t look at things in the same way when the world and the way of life are so different.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


Where do you see yourself in twenty years time?
That’s very hard to say, because a year ago I could never have predicted that I would be working in Egypt, commissioned to create a fountain in France. But basically, I would love to be working on something that inspires me to get out of bed every day and to eat well, go camping, and spend time with my friends and family. And a dog. I’d like to have a dog.


Gavin Worth l DressLab


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