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Gregory Euclide. Art in three dimensions « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Gregory Euclide. Art in three dimensions

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 02.2012


And these three dimensions don’t just refer to the spatial depth of his pieces but also the indissoluble content attached to each and every work that Gregory Euclide creates.
Gregory Euclide I DressLab.com
The source of this incomparable art lies in the depiction of his personal experience of the earth in conflict with how our culture represents it. ‘I wanted to create pictures that explored the relationship between people and nature. I’m interested in the reasons why people accept buying products that are destructive towards the environment and towards themselves, why they aren’t interested in where the products they use come from and where they go once they throw them away…’
Gregory Euclide I DressLab.com
This artist’s ecologically engaged conscience, though aware of the advantages of living in contemporary society, makes him question the negative impact on the environment of actions such as ‘having iphones, being able to travel to any city in the world and having all kinds of fruit all year round…I try and be conscious of my impact because others try as hard as they can to hide it from us as the consumers that we are’.

This concern is expressed throughout elaborate installations which he works on for six months, only to then set up in a single weekend, as was the case with Otherworldly for the Museum of Art and Design.

Gregory Euclide I DressLab.com
As a reward for this exercise of responsible art, various interesting collaborative projects have arisen such as the commission of the album cover of someone who respects it – Justin Vernon, better known as Bon Iver.
Gregory Euclide I DressLab.com
Not content with making us think, Euclide’s imagination dreams of projects with a greater impact: he would like to become a catalyst for people to buy plots of land and make them public. ‘There is very little public land and it’s very damaging for society when they begin to lose touch with nature. Each day more people will live in cities, they’ll lose their proximity to nature and will cease to understand how to form part of the ecosystem on greater scale’.

For the moment there are no plans to exhibit in Europe. ‘Galleries in France and England have shown an interest but the transport costs are too high…’ Let’s hope that soon we’ll be able to see his work everywhere and his dreams of a world more in touch with nature become slightly more possible…
Gregory Euclide I DressLab.com


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