Hong Sungchul. Recreating the umbilical cord

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 12.2013


Eyes that fix their limpid gaze on whoever chooses to pause in front of them. Searching, restless hands that seem to hang on as if afraid they would fall into the abyss if they were let go. Individuals without the need for a countenance in order to be able to transmit anguish and a thirst for contact with others…


Hong Sungchul l DRESSLAB


The work of South Korean artist Hong Sungchul (1969) deals with one of the truly eternal subjects, communication. However, it is not the subject itself which has generated the remarkable notoriety currently surrounding his work, but the originality of the techniques developed by an artist who specialised in sculpture in the Hong-ik University of Seoul and studied Integrated Media in the California Institute of the Arts.

Hong Sungchul creates large-scale, three-dimensional works revealing different fragments of the human body. The images have been printed across myriads of strings assembled in different planes.


Hong Sungchul l DRESSLAB


Hong Sungchul l DRESSLAB


Hong Sungchul l DRESSLAB


Sungchul depends on the cooperation of the spectator and, as with pointillism, the spectator must distance themselves from the work in order to appreciate the images in their entirety.

As a reference concept for his work entitled String Mirrors, the South Korean artist falls back on both the idea of the umbilical cord, our most vital and basic connection with other humans from the very first moment of our lives, and the sense of community so prevalent in his native culture.

The artist’s ultimate aim is to encourage reflection on humankind’s profound desire for social contact.


Hong Sungchul l DRESSLAB


Anyone wishing to see his sculpture on display in Europe may visit the London gallery HADA Contemporary


Text_ Luisa Bernal



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