Lía Vega: My ideal project would combine drawing, wood and the street

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 08.2012




I discovered Lía Vega by chance. I wanted to see some art that night, but of another discipline. As I waited in the bar for the doors to open at the Micro-teatro por dinero (Micro-Theatre for Money), what was hanging on the walls caught my attention and I was pleased to enjoy Lía’s work again after the performance.




This illustrator from the Canary Islands, based in Madrid, doesn’t prescribe to red-nosed fashion – those of her figures are black and pointy – poses stretched to the limit, her limited colour palette and her collages incorporate wooden sheets…




In your web presentation, you say that when you were little you never used to draw; when did you start?
In the text I refer more to the resources that help me paint nowadays. I think they come straight from imaginary experiences I went through as a child, and how that forms a part of painting, so you could say I’ve always painted…

The best thing you’ve learned in the process?
Not to let myself go, to keep control.

Are you exclusively devoted to your artistic side?
No, I devote half my day to graphic design tasks and in the afternoon I paint and paint and paint…

Moderate in terms of colour and rich in texture, what are your influences?
I like Kurt Schwitters, Schielle, Bellows a lot. I also feel a fascination for 1920’s America, I still don’t know altogether why but I think that’s where my austerity with colour comes from.

Any publishing or exhibition projects?
Right now I’m working on some texts by a friend who is a writer, but even so I am painting in large format.

Let’s dream…what would your ideal project be if there were no limitations at all?
Abscence of format. I’ve done the odd street project and I hold very fond memories. Working with wood is something I have just discovered and it’s bringing me lots of very positive things so I’d like to keep experimenting. Combining wood, drawing and the street. That would be the project.

Who would you take a masterclass with if there were no borders to hold you back?
Perhaps not a masterclass because it implies a certain distance, but perhaps a nice long informal chat with any one of the aforementioned artists….or Oskar Kokostcha, Eva Hesse, Le Corbusier… I don’t know, it’s hard to choose: there are so many!

What soundtrack would you put to your work?
I would say something by Bon Iver.

The best advice anyone’s ever given you?


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