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Lillianna Pereira. Mythology is a connector for all my work « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Lillianna Pereira. Mythology is a connector for all my work

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 09.2012


Lillianna Pereira was hooked on art through her brothers and on collage in the last years of her stay at art school. Let her tell us the rest…

I’ve seen you can speak Portuguese although you live in the USA and your name doesn´t sound American, do you have Portuguse roots?
Yes! My parents are Portuguese immigrants (from Valdanta, Chaves) who moved to the USA along with my three brothers in the late 70’s (I was born here in 1980). I grew up bilingual which is the best (fun fact: Pereira is portuguese for pear tree).

How did you start with your artistic work?
Well my brothers were the artists of the family. They got me hooked on art and comics at an early age. As a kid I though I would be a comic book penciler, but I didn’t have the talent or the discipline. I went to art school for design and it was late in my college career that I discovered my love of collage (though I’d been making terrible collages since my teens). I haven’t stopped cutting and pasting since.


Liliana Pereira I DRESSLAB


What´s your working method?
Primarily collage (paper, x-acto, glue stick) but I’ve dabbled in some printmaking.

Are you able to identify an evolution from your first works and a direction in this evolution?
The great thing about collage is its accessibility. Anyone can do it and I love that about it! And because it wasn’t a scary or intimidating medium, I kept at it, and, like anything you do, you get better with time (but no matter what, I still make a lot of crap work, it’s just part of the process, I try to accept it and keep going).
But with all that said, I feel like I’ve just begun, and I have a very long way to go (especially in making that parenthetical thought less true :).


Liliana Pereira I DRESSLAB


What topics are you interested in?
Hmmm. I guess you can say I am interested in stories rather than topics. I like to tell stories with different perspectives and points of view.

Can you find a connection point for all your works?
Mythology is something I use as a connector for all my work. It’s malleable and easily adaptable (like collage!). I don’t know if I have a hallmark per say but my work is very much personal, and the stories and perspectives I choose to tell, relate to who I am and the experiences that I have had.


Liliana Pereira I DRESSLAB


A wish?
I do wish I had more time to do my work. Like having an artist residency somewhere where I can concentrate on just making art?! That sounds amazing to me.

What would be the perfect soundtrack for your work?
Tori Amos? I love her (plus she led me down the rabbit hole of discovering mythology).

What artist´s work do you find inspiring?
Too many to list but here are a few: Shahzia Sikander, Swoon, Anna Schuleit, Frida Kahlo, Joseph Cornell, Kurt Schwitters, Francesca Woodman, Beth Hoeckel, Brandi Strickland, Anthony Zinonos, (everyone in the WAFA collective), Charles Wilkin,James Gallagher, Fred Free, and on and on…


Liliana Pereira I DRESSLAB

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