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Matt Wisniewski. The landscapes that reside in us « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Matt Wisniewski. The landscapes that reside in us

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 05.2013


Matt Wisniewski (USA, 1990) has a Polish surname but was born in Philadelphia and lives in New York. While he is a web developer by profession, everyone is accountable to their passion, and his incipient popularity on the web is due to his work as a graphic artist: his digital collages that have the ability to reveal the abyss inside us all.

According to Matt, he has always been creative: “I In terms of making art, it’s something I’ve always done. I like learning and making new things. Art would be hard to ignore. Professionally, I barely work as an artist and it’s more of a novelty as far as I’m concerned”.

Matt affirms that he doesn’t wish to communicate anything through his work. “If there’s a goal in mind I’ll sort through whatever resources I have and do quick overlays until I have something that matches what I’m going for. Then I spend time cleaning it up, making things look smoother and more refined. If I’m just playing around things are mostly the same but my resources are any images I like and what I’m going for is anything that looks pretty.”

Matt Wisniewski l DRESSLAB

What is the starting point for your collages? Where do you get the original photos from?
I always store photos from other artists when I can. I like playing around in Photoshop and collecting neat images on Tumblr so at some point I combined the two. The majority of techniques that I use come from other disciplines that I used to experiment with at an earlier stage (retouching, comic inking and colouring).

Do you ask the authors permission to use their images in your collages?
I do if it’s something that I want to print or make money off of in some way.

Landscapes play an important role in your collages. What is the most inspiring place you have been, and why?
I don’t really love landscapes. I just love pretty things. I’m not really sure what ‘most inspiring’ means. Most frequently inspiring? My bedroom I guess. That’s not very exciting though.


Matt Wisniewski l DRESSLAB


Describe your ideal work environment, your ideal project.
I just like having more artists to work with. More options. I certainly have ideas that I can’t execute yet but those are just ideas.

What is your favourite topic of conversation?
I don’t know. I love learning and acting ridiculous.

What would be a great surprise for you today?
New opportunities. I don’t have a lot of great landscapes or paintings to work with in high-res so that’s always a happy email to see.

Are you very active in the social networks? What have they meant to you as regards disseminating your work?
Sort of. I have a tumblr where I share collage as it’s finished. It gives me some closure that the work is “done” so I don’t spend too much time fussing over inconsequential details. It also prevents me from judging whether a collage is “good enough” to be shared. I think some of my most popular work is rubbish but it’s enjoyed by someone so that’s probably for the best.
That’s pretty much all I did to promote myself for a while. At first only a few friends were watching, and that slowly grew. I’m not terribly active beyond that. I reluctantly set up a Facebook page that I updated once or twice but that’s about the extent of it.

Matt Wisniewski l DRESSLAB
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