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Noelia Lozano: If you’re passionate and you excel at what you do, the doors will open by themselves « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Noelia Lozano: If you’re passionate and you excel at what you do, the doors will open by themselves

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 01.2013


The career of Noelia Lozano (San Sebastián, 1983) is an example of non-conformism, of not being afraid to take risks in order to find a job that you enjoy doing. She left journalism and telecommunications behind only to find what she had been looking for in the design and creation of 3D paper images.


Noelia Lozano l DRESSLAB


What attracted you to journalism and telecommunication? What did it give you that you didn’t get from previous jobs?
I have always had an interest in communications and the world of creativity. The world of advertising seemed attractive to me and throughout my career I have always chosen subjects related to graphic design because they were the subjects that interested me the most. At the time I never thought about dedicating myself to graphic design as a way of earning a living because there weren’t any specialised studios close by…
I continued to train in telecommunications because it was an area that was expanding very rapidly and, while it was a very interesting period, after spending three and a half years of my life as a project draughtswoman in the communications field, I no longer found the work satisfying so, despite the crisis, I decided to continue my training in creative design, which is what I really enjoy. I put everything I had into it and now I think it was the best decision I ever made.

What facets of your previous training have you incorporated into your current activity?
We learn from experience. Journalism taught me the basis of communications, which is very important in any project. When I worked in telecommunications I learned professionalism, how to learn and how to grow, how to accept responsibility for deadlines and project execution. I also learned about the volumetric and spatial point of view, working with perspectives and planes… I think this is what led me to the tactile, volumetric work I do now with paper crafts, and to my love of the most basic materials.


Noelia Lozano l DRESSLAB


When did you begin to create paper sculptures?
The first time I used paper in this sense was during my early career days. We needed a logo for a backdrop for a programme we were recording and it had to be something really plastic. Paper seemed to be the most accessible way to create an eye-catching logo that also had volume, which was what we were looking for. Years later, when I was studying graphic design, I realised there were any number of designers using this material, so I began working with it again because I loved the end result.

I have always imagined that people who do this kind of work are methodical, perfectionist and patient. Would I be wrong in your case?
I’m a very calm person who likes to focus on detail and I love basic materials and textures. When I step away from the computer and really get down to business I find it very relaxing to cut and paste and create something voluminous from a flat material. The process is very labour intensive but at the same time gratifying because you can see how every piece you add brings you a step closer to creating the idea you have in your mind. There’s something magical about it.

Can you describe your creative process?
I usually try capture the idea I have in my head with a sketch, then I select the paper and the colours I’m going to use and, once I have considered the scale I’m going to work with, I start cutting. This used to be sufficient as a starting point in the work process but nowadays I’m trying to improve and to get everything to go a bit smoother, so I’m using 3D programmes in order to visualise the end result and try out new concepts. This also helps when clients want to see something closer to the end result, instead of just a sketch.

What are you trying to communicate?
In general I try to give everything a plastic, tactile feel, I like intense colours, with shapes and textures that invite people to touch them and experiment with them.

Who would you say are your influences?
Working with paper, Stefan Sagmeister, Dan Tobin Smith, Jullien Vallée and studios that create more tactile works using still life, such as Plenty, from Argentina and Serial Cut, from Madrid, where I am currently working as an intern.


Noelia Lozano l DRESSLAB


What would be the sound track to your work?
Something fresh and entertaining, like Daylight, by New Yorkers Matt and Kim, that transmits a lot of energy and stimulates you on those lazy mornings, making you feel like taking on the world, or at least trying. They prompt you to keep on dreaming, which is another material I use in my work.

An assessment of 2012, and a wish for 2013
The truth is that the last two years have been very good to me and I can’t complain. I’ve been working very hard and little by little interesting projects have been coming together, people have expressed interest in my work. Projects that I did while finishing my graphic design studies, my portfolio, have been moving really well on the internet and I think that, while there have been some big projects that have fallen through, I have been very lucky with everything I’ve done and the decisions I’ve made. Occasionally a door closes but, in time, a better one opens… I’m very pleased, I’ve had the chance to learn from people who do amazingly tasteful work which, in the end, is what counts, doings things because you enjoy them and can put your heart into them.
For the New Year, I hope to be able to finish all the projects I have started and to keep working hard, it’s the best way to learn.


Noelia Lozano l DRESSLAB


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
“If you are passionate, meticulous and excel in what you do, the doors will open by themselves. Get about, make noise, visit people, work with others, accumulate experiences, follow your heart and keep dreaming.”
That’s what I’m doing, I’ve been following every word in that sentence and the truth is everything’s going great. I’ve worked very hard, but little by little I’ve been gathering the fruits of all I’ve done.

What’s your dream project?
A really big one, where my work can be seen on a large scale! It wouldn’t be for want of dreaming! Everyone dreams about a big project, or campaign, with a big brand name. A project that introduces your work to a lot of people. That would be wonderful. No doubt about it.


Noelia Lozano l DRESSLAB


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