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Nuria Mora. I have never made a distinction between my career and my life « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Nuria Mora. I have never made a distinction between my career and my life

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 10.2013


I love surprises. One of the things I like best about strolling around town is the possibility of finding hidden treasures that are available to anyone with a desire to discover them. Among the gifts that distinguish my often improvised strolls, some of my favourites are the work of Nuria Mora.

Geometric figures that both reveal and conceal themselves in strategic locations that went unnoticed before Nuria’s intervention. Jungles of flowers and paper mountains and stars that seem to grow out of the city’s pavements and appear in shop front windows and information panels on any dreary day…

As Nuria says, she lives city life on a grass-roots level: “I know all my neighbours. We start chatting for any reason whatsoever and we’re always talking about Proust”. She also says she doesn’t take herself too seriously and prefers her work to speak on her behalf. I hope this interview will help us acquaint ourselves a little more with the creator of this “invisible friend” who we encounter in the form of her works throughout the city.


Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB


Nuria, are you as you imagined you would be when you were little?
I’m still little

What are the aspects of your work that you like best and least?
The best, the best is doing what I like doing without having to give explanations and, when some curator asks me for a text about my work, telling him I’m a plastic artist, not a writer.

How did you get the idea for the flowers in the information panels in Madrid?
Divine coincidence. I was making resin flowers for another project when I passed in front of an advertisement full of flowers. I quickly forgot about my initial project.


Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB


The most inspirational place you have worked, and why?
I don’t believe in muses. I believe in work itself and in plans that fail, in working in one direction and ending up somewhere else.

What limits do you self-impose when you create?
All imaginable limits. I make a lot of rules for myself. That’s what it’s all about.

If you hadn’t dedicated yourself to this, what would you have liked to do?
Make toys for Kinder eggs, be an archer, or a country singer.

You’re also a weaver, right?
Yes. I weave, I sew, I invent and do odd jobs like fixing a table, or a house… I’m a real expert in all things useless.


Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB


Recommend someone who does something you consider interesting:
My studio room-mate, Sean Mackoui, who does collages and makes things. My mother, Lilla Moreno, who does a crafts programme on Canal DeCasa and who comes to the rescue whenever I make impossible plans. My father, “el mora”, who has every record ever made and plays them for us in his submarine.
Friends who visit our studio:
Carlos Risco, who is an incredible writer. Alberto Martín Expósito, who knows everything about bullfighting and even more about absurd humour. My brother, who is always willing to lend a hand. Kiko Pérez, an artist I have a lot of admiration for and who I have to try and drag along to my exhibitions. My plastic arts partners, “sixe, Nano4814 and eltono”. Laurita and Jaime from “peseta”.
As you can see, as the gypsies say, “to lo mío” (my entire world), and Johnny Cash.


Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB


A subject of conversation you never get tired of:
The absurd, making silly jokes with people who can follow me, you know, nothing special.

A balance between your career so far and your wish for the future:
My career? I have never made a distinction between my career and my life; one is a consequence of the other. And as for the future, it doesn’t exist, but can I please have it with a dollop of whipped cream?

Nuria is currently working on murals in Majorca and has recently had an editorial in the magazine AD and an exhibition in Seville. Any interesting projects on the horizon?
Yes, but shhh… I can’t say anything about it yet.


Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB

Nuria Mora l DRESSLAB


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