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Oriol Angrill. Interior Landscape « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Oriol Angrill. Interior Landscape

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 08.2013


Oriol Angrill was born in Barcelona in 1986 but has spent most of his life in Palma, Majorca, where he studied drawing. Oriol dreams of owning a castle, loves to recount the end of Terrence Malick’s film, The Tree of Life, and confesses to being on the road to discovering his own, personal style. We, however, have decided to make a pit-stop at this stage of his career and enjoy a series of works in which he has managed to encapsulate beauty and poetry in every image.


Oriol Angrill l DRESSLAB


Oriol, you have mentioned that your incursion into the world of art came about more as a result of developing what you were good at, rather than being the result of a passion, as is the case with many artists. I imagine, however, that, at some point, your work has become a passion. Would you agree?
Yes, it’s as though the passion was ticking away in there, anxious for something to focus on. Although I drew well from an early age, I never understood it as something to value or to make the most of. That point of view changed radically after some problematic years when I had to decide in which direction I wanted my life to go.

When you realises that the future not only resides in books, but in the effort you make, you also realise that if you don’t put passion into what you do it will be very difficult for others to appreciate your work. For that reason you have to dedicate yourself fully to what you do and make that extra effort to discover yourself and let others discover you. There’s a lot of competition in the art world, some people are brilliant, others less so, so you have to work harder than the average person.

Tell us about the search for your personal style, and how would you define your style?
The truth is it’s hard to answer that from my perspective. When I feel I have found my own style or when I create a piece without having a sensation of self-doubt, then I’ll be satisfied.


Oriol Angrill l DRESSLAB


What is it you are hoping to transmit?
Basically I begin by mixing several concepts, either similar or conflicting, into one single image.
In my last series, blendscapes, I attempt to unite two models of beauty, namely my ideal concept of feminine beauty plus some natural elements that I find both fascinating and beautiful. I try to represent them using watercolours then retouch the colours to achieve an exaggerated sensation of reality.

Who are your role models?
I always say that the person who motivated me to draw seriously for the first time was M.C. Escher. These days I try to keep abreast of the more representative artists. It’s interesting to see how art adapts and evolves according to the era.


Oriol Angrill l DRESSLAB


What would be the soundtrack to your work?
It’s complicated. Perhaps the music that comes closest would be the soundtrack of “Moonrise Kingdom”.

A fallen idol?
Dalí. Aside from his pedantry and absurd conceptual exaggeration, there was a scene in a documentary about him that annoyed me. I don’t remember the situation very well but I think there was a girl who stopped to pick up something he had dropped and he grossly insulted her in front of everyone… He came across as a complete asshole (excuse my language but I think it’s the most appropriate word).

A synopsis of your career so far and a wish for the future…
I’m very happy that people like my work, that’s impossible to put a price on. The only wish I have is to continue enjoying working, find new and better projects to collaborate on, and to keep producing work and surprise people with the next series I am preparing.


Oriol Angrill l DRESSLAB


The best advice you have been given…
The other day I was told, “…you need a new computer. You can’t keep working like this”. Maybe it’s not the best advice, but it’s certainly the advice I have paid most heed to.

An offer you couldn’t refuse…
A portrait of Charles Saatchi.


Oriol Angrill l DRESSLAB


The most inspiring place to visit this summer…
A car trip, gazing (if someone else is driving) at the fields and mountains of the Majorcan landscape.


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