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Takagi Masakatsu. Aquatic Landscapes « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Takagi Masakatsu. Aquatic Landscapes

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 07.2011


-A fictional tale based on the work of T. Masakatsu-

Once upon a time there was a musician that dreamt of the sea.
It was a hot afternoon in the city of Tokyo and little girls inviting him into their paradise as they burst into bubbles would not stop floating through Takagi Masakatsu’s head. At first, Takagi put up a certain amount of resistance to these hallucinations and tried to concentrate on the composition he was immersed in, but faced with the futility of his efforts, he decided to give in completely and dive into this wonderful imaginary world until he could turn it into reality.



Suddenly, everything began to flow: the sound of water began to take over his next composition, it seemed as though the concrete through his window had stopped melting, as though everything was a bit easier…


Takagi tried to find out where all these aquatic images had come from, and his memory took him back to the last holiday he had spent by the sea, to strolls observing the restless city life, its light, and its landscapes turned abstract once he had focused his magnifying glass on them….


His memory took him back to images of carousel nights and amusement…


That hot Monday afternoon marked a ‘before’ and ‘after’ for Masakatsu. Since then, his universe ceased to be just musical.

Takagi Masakatsu (1979, Kyoto) is a visual artist and musician. His video installations and musical performances have been shown around the world and he stands as one of Japan’s most valued VJ’s and music video directors. He has created pieces for Ryoji Ikeda, David Sylvian, Sketch Show and Cornelius.


+ info: Takagi Masakatsu




  1. valentina araya / 07.07.14

    excelente artista, ,muy creativo y buenísima propuesta artística, al sitio, muy buenas interpretaciones :) gracias por la info :)

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