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Violeta Leiva. The colour of images « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Violeta Leiva. The colour of images

Author: Luisa Bernal

Section: LAB

Date: 05.2012


Violeta Leiva l DressLab

Photographer from Jaen Violeta Leiva invites us to discover the beauty of the scenes that surround us in our daily lives through each one of her images. She arrived in Germany while studying Fine Arts on an Erasmus exchange. 7 years in Berlin have flown by…
The first time I set foot here I thought I could never live in such a big city. In Jaen, wherever you look you always see the mountains or open olive groves. You always see beyond the city but within it there is no “nature”, the two things are very separate. I like Berlin because it’s a wild and dispersed city, there’s no clear line between inside and outside the city.

Violeta Leiva l DressLab

What is your way of working like? Do you look for locations and models based on a concept, do you make sketches, do you retouch photos digitally?
My models are partly sacrificing friends and partly people I ask on the street. Normally I start with a more or less specific idea, other times the starting point is a person. I make sketches, I write down things that occur to me, and then weeks or months go by till I shoot the photograph. I use film and I don’t usually retouch more than is necessary.

Violeta Leiva l DressLab

The best thing you’ve learned in the process?
That even if things look like they don’t have any colour at first, it’s worth seeking it out.

What subjects interest you? Is there an objective in your work?
I like to establish communication with people that I wouldn’t otherwise get to know. I also like to see where what I do takes me.

Violeta Leiva l DressLab

What would be the soundtrack to your work?
The lambada.

What does one do in their free time when they do what they love for a living?
I like walking, and swimming. I don’t like staying put, if I had money I would travel.

Violeta Leiva l DressLab

Can you recommend someone that does something interesting to us?
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs and their fantastic book “The Great Unreal”.

As we are often not capable of seeing what you see in the city when you live it through the eyes of a tourist in search of treasures, having Violeta’s images close by helps us rediscover what we never usually have time to look at and through her eyes we can find that, often, within the disorder and improvisation of surroundings we tend to ignore, every colour is just where it should be.

Violeta Leiva l DressLab


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