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Auditory Memory « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Auditory Memory

Author: Juan Carlos Roldán

Section: MUSIC

Date: 02.2011

Juan Carlos, a multi-disciplinary artist and the alma mater of the ROLDÁN band, takes a look at his first musical discoveries in a provincial town in the early eighties.


The first memory I have of listening to music will always be associated with the living room of my parents’ house. On Sunday morning, my parents (a. and b.) my sister (c.) and I (d) used to listen to records there. The selection wasn’t very varied, but it was good and typical of the times.

I could describe various stages in the awaking of my musical maturity, but not necessarily in chronological order:


memoria auditiva por juan carlos roldan

The first songs I can remember or those I remember with the greatest intensity, were almost all originally aimed at an adult audience. It was primarily light music, bolero, ranchera or extremely dramatic ballads, which were by no means lacking in irony, like Julio Iglesias (e.), Rocio Jurado, sevillanas by Cantores de Hispalis, Pimpinela…

I’d also mention Mocedades (later, “El Consorcio” (f.)), with songs of the calibre of “Amor de Hombre” or “Has perdido tu Tren”, whose intensity made me feel rejection, uneasiness and fascination, all at the same time. Extremely explicit and worldly lyrics, full of simple metaphors, with overwhelmingly epic orchestration, that never lost the clarity that characterizes this type of production.

Regarding Consortium, I’ll only say that their hit “El Chacachá del Trén” might be one of the tracks that terrifies me most when I listen to it nowadays, but when I was younger, I thought it was nice, with great choreography.


memoria auditiva por juan carlos roldan-2

In the same musical cosmos I was also exposed to references that would later be seen as a pre-psychedelic. As well as records and tapes by Parchís, Regaliz, los Payasos de la Tele, or Father Abraham and the Smurfs, our living room also welcomed the “Enrique y Ana” phenomenon (g), with compositions that were actually aimed at children, but featured biting and even subversive lyrics, and with obvious new wave tendencies “super disco chino” and even hints of electroclash (“coconut”).

But best of all was seeing their film “The Adventures of Enrique and Ana”, which they released as promotion for the album, and which features a completely fictional world with such dreamy, Martian-like characters as “Baron Von Nekruch”(h), for example. This particular character is forever cast in my memory along with the villain of “Flash Gordon”, the film whose soundtrack was composed by Queen. Their record “Kind of Magic” was the “only” record that I played again and again over a long period of time.

But before that, along came another revelation, which was much more significant and lasting…


memoria auditiva por juan carlos roldan-3

One day browsing through my record collection, a mysterious album cover appeared, with an attractive design but confusing symbolism. A triangle on an empty background… “God?” I thought, “is this an album where God sings?”… I decide to put it on the record player and started listening


Text and Pictures. Juan Carlos Roldán



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