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Corpses that Kill « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Corpses that Kill

Author: Javi Álvarez

Section: MUSIC

Date: 03.2011

‘Life’s Too Short’ by Lafayettes


abbey road
Carry that Weight. A couple gets knocked down on Abbey Road, imitating their idols.


Memory of Drake. A -bearded- youth requests to be buried in his favourite t-shirt, a souvenir from Nick Drake’s house museum. Nick, once again, spreading death among his fans.
Caption: His parents don’t fully understand the situation.


Intelligent Reissue. A new version of Link Wray guitar, the legendary 1958 Supro Dual Tone. The first design for a guitar with criteria.
Caption: Hidden device activating an explosive charge upon the first attempt at illegitimate use of the guitar; operational field: 4 or 5 Indies.
Neck. Pegbox. Strings. Plug in here.


Screamin’ and Screaming. In a ouija session on the outskirts of Ourense a fan summons the good spirit Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, but due to a spelling mistake in the invocation, the vengeful spirit of Screaming Lord Sutch appears. What a cock-up, are the medium’s last words.


Heavy Science. In the year 2073 two science and metal enthusiasts bombard Lemmy Kilmister’s grave with cosmic radiation, gamma rays and other such things. They didn’t count on the terrible awakening of Lemmy’s zombie.


Ritual Picnic. An teenage order of Darren Robinson worshippers –The Human Beat Box out of Fat Boys– decide to set themselves on fire. Their plan was to burn like martyrs, but the end result is more like a barbecue. All good, that is.


Moustache of Honour. A fight to the death between a Zappa moustache supporter and a Beefheart moustache sympathizer.


What a Spark. The Michael Jackson lookalike on las Ramblas is struck by lightning mid- Moonwalk.


Justice. A couple of asteroids approach Wembley stadium on course for collision. In this case it doesn’t matter which band is on, anyone who’s played there deserves to die. ^_^


Pictures and Texts. Javi Álvarez
Music. Life’s Too Short by Lafayettes



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