Drawing Music : D E N A

Author: Littleisdrawing

Section: MUSIC

Date: 09.2012


Boyfriend. D E N A




How does your life influence your music and vice versa?
It is all connected and one reflects the other, all my other tunes are very personal and I kind of try to zoom out of what’s happening around me regarding love, life, friends and vibes and transport it to an understandable, casual level.
Simply said, the concept of the video is basically Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools? NOT
I was trying to invert anything we connect with those blinky blink status symbols and play around also with things like bad weather, rain and yeah the climate fuck up we have here in North West Europe, while all you want is to chill under a palm tree, with friends and have a good time.

Actually it was funny, cause the working title of the track was something like $OSwimmingPools and I had a drawing of $O$ where the ‘O’ I had drawn had a small diamond sign on top, so it looked like a diamond ring. Just remembered that…



Illustration__ Littleisdrawing
Photography__ Nike van Dinther
+ info__ D E N A



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