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Author: Arnau Sala

Section: MUSIC

Date: 09.2011


Arnau Sala was born in Manresa in 1978.
Dropped out of high school, dropped out of art school, dropped out of design school. Started Ozonokids in 1999. Made tons of record covers and flyers. Later played in bands Omegacinco, Les Aus, Bèstia Ferida, Homenatges, Veiled, Gentlemen Electronics, Aiguilles amongst many many others. He is what we’d call both a sound artist and a visual artist. Or not. More like an ADHD inducted lunatic.

“There’s some records that make me wave goodbye to this summer 2011.
This series of illustrations is based on a simple exercise: I chose five records and made an illustration after listening to each album several times. In some cases dozens of times until I went partially mental. This is why these drawings turned out this way. I did not intend to do an ‘alternative’ record cover at all. I just drew influenced by listening to the albums, like a session of hypnotism. So i might have gotten some essence into the drawings. Hopefully…”


Arnau Sala l DressLab.com
‘Hermodr a Helferd’ -Daudi Baldrs- by Burzum


Arnau Sala l DressLab.com
‘Isla En El Sol’ -De Niña A Mujer- by Julio Iglesias


Arnau Sala l DressLab.com
‘Dance On’ -Love Sexy- by Prince


Arnau Sala l DressLab.com
‘Keep Looking’ -Stronger Than Pride- by Sade


Arnau Sala l DressLab.com
‘Franz Shubert Symphonie Nr. 8’ by Kleiber


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