Author: Lluís Panadés Julià

Section: MUSIC

Date: 12.2013




Felix Kubin is a Hamburg-based artist, whose various experiments and epithets include radio playwright, composer of futurist and dadatronic experimental pop as well as chamber orchestra music, filmmaker, incendiary performer, record label owner, lecturer and curator.

Watch the visual documents below which features:


Felix Kubin with the band Mitch & Mitch performing live at Worm (Rotterdam) on 14th December. The second part of the video also features an improvised dancer enjoying the music.


The first music video of Felix Kubin directed by Mariola Brillowska, for which a whole artificial hotel was build out of painted cardboard walls and which raises many questions. It became one of the most popular films by the artist duo Kubin/Brillowska and was shown at numerous festivals, live gigs and on TV. Mariola Brillowska appears as a Teutonic goddess with laser eyes and as a Siamese twin with her daughter Gloria.


This concert of Felix Kubin’s tetchy teenage band “Die Egozentrischen 2” (with Stefan Mohr) was shot on VHS and is probably the only visual live document of this duo. Möbel Perdú was a small multifunctional gallery founded in the early 80s by a.o. Claudia Schneider-Esleben, the sister of Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk). Although primarily conceived as an exhibition place for avantgarde furniture it soon became a meeting point for the underground art and music scene of Hamburg. Some of Germany’s most creative artists exhibited and performed there, amongst them Minus Delta T, Pyrolator, Moritz Reichelt (der Plan), Rainer Kirberg, Westbam a.o.


Video 1_ Lluís Panadés Julià

Videos 2,3 and info_ Felix Kubin



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