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Let’s go to the BEACH BEACH! « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Let’s go to the BEACH BEACH!

Author: Lluís Panadés Julià

Section: MUSIC

Date: 08.2012


To keep the summer mood alive, we have another treasure for you here, perfect for these hot, fun days.


Plants. Beach Beach


Beach Beach I DRESSLAB


Pau and Tomeu are Beach Beach. On their bandcamp you can read: “It is said that the best way to end boredom in Majorca during the winter months is to form a band”. Beach Beach did exactly that and have been brought up on a diet of sun, sand and guitars. Their lo-fi sun drenched sound embraces all the joy and thrills that sunny weather brings and is the perfect remedy to fight off those cold bleak winter months.


Beach Beach I DRESSLAB


Can there possibly be any healthier diet than sun, sand and guitars? It’s summer and we love these guys!


Is there any relationship between your music and Majorca’s beaches and the natural environment in general?
In fact, neither the name of the band nor its approach have any direct relationship with the beaches or the nature. We took the name Beach Beach from a graffiti I did on the Sa Rapita beach when I was a teenager. But yeah, like most of the islanders we love going to the beach when it’s summer! However, the music is a completely different story.


Beach Beach I DRESSLAB
Beach Beach I DRESSLAB


Does the fact that you’re from an island influence the way you make music somehow?
I guess, being from Majorca in particular, influences more in the way we want to make things (in the logistical aspect of live performances above all) rather than in the musical aspect. Nowadays, with internet the geographical issue is only important when we talk in logistic terms. Musical tastes, always respecting and discovering our roots, past and present, is something that is becoming universal.

You have some songs of a political nature, what message do you want to send out with these lyrics?
To sum it up, we want to say that Majorca, in almost every aspect, has become a “cheap whore”. And that it’s not the foreigners’ fault, but the people of Majorca’s fault. It seems that we are happy digging our own graves.


Beach Beach I DRESSLAB


Photography__ Adrià Cañameras (1,2,3)
Text & Photography__ Lluís Panadés Julià (4,5,6,7)

+ info__ Beach Beach



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