Summer Holidays!

Author: Julio Cesar Palacio

Section: MUSIC

Date: 07.2011


‘Rumba en Cahuita’ by Walter Ferguson


Julio is half of the experimental band Sun Color. He is from Venezuela.
He is a visual artist with many projects and exhibitions on his shoulders. He participated in Deitch Project (NY) Art Parade before the cult gallery closed his doors… Julio never sleeps (literally) and he is also a Music Editor for a Japanese Magazine…

Here is how he imagines some of his favourite artists on holidays after the summer festivals!

summer holidays l Dresslab.com
Suicidal Jet Sky

summer holidays l Dresslab.com
Genesis P-Orridge downstream

summer holidays l Dresslab.com
Jarvis in Jellystone

summer holidays l Dresslab.com
Grinderman greendaying


Illustrations. Julio C.P
Music. ‘Rumba en Cahuita’ by Walter Ferguson



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