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Author: Lucía Lijtmaer

Section: MUSIC

Date: 06.2011


Do You Remember The First Time? by Pulp


In the press it’s become common practice when talking about music festivals to define them as ‘a great musical event’. Wrong. Mass festivals stopped being a space to enjoy music in favour of becoming ‘social’ events a long time ago. In events, anyway. Each year, incessant conversations get repeated over an over in which the bands are the least important and the best… well, the best is the rest. AS proof, a button.


primavera sound 2011 l DressLab.com
1. Finish this phrase: “It was good but shame about the…”

a) “queues to get a BEER”
b) “sound of SWANS”
c) “nothing. Everything was perfect. Best festival in my life.”

2. This season’s MUST HAVE for girls was:

a) Arnau Sala
b) Shorts
c) Red Lipstick


primavera sound 2011 l DressLab.com
3. This year’s recurring phrase was….

a) “There are too many people in the VIP area”
b) “Do u support Man United?”
c) “Shellac rocks this year”

4. 10 most talked about after the festival was:


primavera sound 2011 l DressLab.com
a) What’s been kicking off on the official forum. I still follow it.
b) What a pain in the arse PJ Harvey’s gig was.
c) are 12Twelve seriously splitting up?

5. The joke/rumour for the future edition of 2012 is:


primavera sound 2011 l DressLab.com
a) Primavera will get the Smiths back together just to get even more people in.
b) Primavera will fuse with Sonar to get more people in.
c) In the press area they are saying there will be food and everything!!


primavera sound 2011 l DressLab.com

:-) Mainly A’s: You were there, and if not you pretend well.

:-/ Mainly B’s: They told you about it but it doesn’t wash.

:-0 Mainly C’s: You were there… in 2006!


Lucía Lijtmaer was born in 1977. She has lived in Barcelona, London and Buenos Aires. She has been a translator, university professor and journalist and regularly writes for ‘Publico’, ‘Marie Claire’ and ‘Barcelonés’. She collaborates with the CCCB and plays music wherever they let her. She has contibuted to the anthologies “Los Nueve Fresquísimos de Espanya” (The Freshest Nine in Spain) and “Odio Barcelona” (I hate Barcelona). She has two novels waiting to be published.


Her blog Cosas de Lula
Member of Sigue Leyendo
Cover photo and Edition Inma Varandela
Music. Do You Remember The First Time? by Pulp



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