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From the desktop

Author: Triangulation

Section: NEW MEDIA

Date: 12.2013


It is the first space we are brought when we switch on the computer, something we find before to go to the Internet, where we spend hours arranging and organising stuff all over it and for some users is a huge source of inspiration. Since desktop computers were created to imitate analog desktops for organising and managing all the documents and files, then an aesthetic and basic interaction as part of the graphic user interfaces began to be linked to something else than just an organising tool or place. After more than 3 decades that desktops are part of computers many concepts have been created on them using its GUI (Graphic User Interface) or even its aesthetic as the concept itself.

With the passage of time computers got really powerful which has allowed to GUI be more dynamic and interactive, this also has contributed to make users explore the creative possibilities using the desktop as current artist’s workplace, as this post shows, some abstract animated based works using the tools provided by the operative system and others that are little applications or coded with softwares such as the own terminal, Phyton.. in order to modify, alter, broke, glitch its default functions, therefore all the pieces below have been captured by a screen video capture to document the performance.


myDTP 47, 2009 as part of My%Desktop series (2002-2010) by JODI


KERNEL TUNNEL, 2009 by Mark Beasley, the video is only available on his site, see here

From the desktop l DRESSLAB


100 FORCE QUIT NOISE CANCEL CALCULATORS, 2013 by Jon Satrom who also has performed some in live, a great one is Beach Ball Success, see here


Alternated Gradients, 2012 as part of the Macintosh Lab series (2009 – ongoing) by Emilio Gomariz


Asa_desktop_video_Feedback by Miyö Van Stenis




minimizing myself, 2010 by Arend deGruyter-Helfer


SPY VS SPY, 2010 by Anthony Michael Sneed


HYPERTEXT REMIX, 2011 by Kellyn Loehr and Lara Warman


20111113-354pm, 2011 by Joseph Chiocchi


Screen Recording 30, 2013 by Evan Bech


Capture by Satoru Higa


Text_ Triangulation



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