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Date: 04.2014


The favicons are the visual hallmark of every website, it’s something I find very important for the design of a website, even if they are 16 x 16 pixels small but at the end it’s the identity of the site, something essential to have a good and fast recognition while surfing the Internet as in these days we open lots of tabs and what we get on the top is a landscape of little mountains showing the favicon, some of them very beautiful though.

I would have liked to collect every favicon since I started to navigate on the Internet as a visual collection and as a prove of where I have been, a kind of modern digital passport with all the little icons, but unfortunately I didn’t .

Today there is a nice Chrome extension called Iconic History, created by Shan Huang which translates the browser history text data into a visual representation through the favicons of all the websites visited. The extension allows you to see quickly where you have been in the last four months that it’s the limit that Google Chrome keeps the data up which means that if you are a pro-surfer you will get a stack of 20K favicons approximately, a great collection where you will notice how much time have spent on social networks.

Despite to be a beautiful abstract vertical landscape formed by little icons you can go back to the websites by clicking on them and also explore it using some filters that work by date or location.

Install the extension here



Iconic History l DRESSLABIconic History l DRESSLABIconic History l DRESSLAB


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