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THREE DIMENSIONAL ENVIRONMENTS 2 « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Author: Triangulation

Section: NEW MEDIA

Date: 02.2013


In this second part of Three Dimensional Environments I’m putting together some other works based and created using 3D softwares to built the structures, worlds and different fields characterized by each artist, but also some of them are animated and interactive to play with as a game! See the first part here

INWARD CONCH ~ UPWARD SPIRAL is an interactive game created by Brenna Murphy, it consists in a tridimensional world, an architectural environment fully texturized with psychedelic static and moving textures by Brenna Murphy (the architectural elements of the 3D environment are not only constructed by Brenna). It is a looped game with four different stages, when you pass the last one, you fall into the first one again. Each room has a different sound on the background also created by Murphy. It is not an online based game but downloadable for Mac and Pc, the user play with the keyboard and moves the camera with the mouse. Download it here

You can see how the game looks in this video remix of the own game:


COMPRESS PROCESS, 2012 is a project by Rosa Menkman. It is an online virtual environment where Menkman has transported a big part of her glitches, errors and distortions as an interactive virtual form. It’s quite exciting to see the work of Rosa taking this interactive direction as in this way we can feel and explore more those glitches.

A monochromatic cloudy world, where the user controls an abstract body created of some de-structured polygons, robotic extremities and a human head, it goes around the environment contemplating the different kind of distortions which happens while you moves it. (Navigate with the arrow keys, use spacebar for jumping and to toggle videos on/off). Download it here

Three Dimensional Environments 2 l DRESSLAB


DELAERE is an abstract three-dimensional environment created for NOVA Festival by Emilio Gomariz in collaboration with Koen Delaere, using lots of Koen’s paintings and mix media based artworks as texture for the structure built. The audio that accompanies and introduces the viewer into a deep atmosphere was created by Dylan Fisher.

It’s interesting to transport analog and real stuff into digital and virtual and vice-versa, that’s exactly what they are doing now, after work on Delaere’s digital structure and texturize it with real paintings, Koen is working in a new project, where Oce-artfondations Curator Claudine Hellweg commissioned him to produce a limited amount of works using the facilities of their research and development department in Venlo. For this ongoing series Emilio is collaborating by working in some digital compositions to be printed over the canvases already worked out by Koen or first to be treated by Koen.

You can see some recent pieces here: 1 2 3


EXO is an impressive downloadable 35 minute immersive gaming environment created by Tabor Robak, inspired by Gatekeeper‘s industrial sounds. The environment was built using Unity 3D and several apps which lets to set up the it a bit easier as he said to The Creators Project, also Tabor said that the camera system that he is using throughout is an improved version of what ships with Unity 3D. All the trees and the rocks and the grass – He bought all these nature model packs and then worked on placing them in the environment, which was a fun challenge. To compose something that looks natural and random unfortunately takes a lot of thought. Download the game for Mac or PC here

In the following video you can have an idea about how the game looks:


Andrew Benson‘s work combines animation, custom interactive software, and complex video processing to create work that toes the line between abstract expressionism and mimetic representation and narrative. 

This piece called IF THEN is part of Plink Flojd with a remix by Yoshi Sodeoka. I follow very close the work of Andrew and I loved when he started to play into three-dimensional environments, creating different characters and animating them as he was animating three D models since long time ago, but he wasn’t, I’m always impressed about how fast he works. I also like how he has transported the psychedelic, acid and crazy visuals into 3D, using it to texturize 3D stuff around or for the backgrounds all this put together with a little bit of narrative into this cool video:


ACTIVATED MEMORY is one of my favorite works by Sabrina Ratte, it consists in a journey through a serene landscape where the trees and fields are at once surreal and familiar. It is very interesting the mix of digital, analog and three-dimensional tools on this piece as Sabrina has used video feedback, 3d animation and color manipulations, the pictures render a new kind of space, a virtual world where only fragments of “reality” subsist.


JUAN GRIS DREAM HOME is one of the several walk throughs created by Jon Rafman, it is part of his well known project called Brand New Paint Job, where each of the works is itself composed of either (1.) a digital image depicting a 3D model, or (2.) a digital image depicting a 3D model as well as a short video clip in which a “camera” moves around the 3D model as if it were filmed in physical space.

“The models Rafman uses are appropriated from Google 3D Warehouse and altered by him so that the “texture” or outer surface of the model reflects the style of (in most cases) a canonical Modern or contemporary artist.” – Post Internet


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