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THREE DIMENSIONAL ENVIRONMENTS « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Author: Triangulation

Section: NEW MEDIA

Date: 12.2012


This time I’m selecting some great works which have been worked out using three dimensional softwares, specially for these two posts I’m focused on three dimensional spaces and environments which shown animated landscapes, interactive spaces and live performances.

Three D is a huge world and it contains and brings endless possibilities to work with, from copying the reality to create imaginary fantasies. Painting, sculpture, architecture, interactive games, 3D printing and production… it seems we can have almost everything in one software. I’m impressed about how fast the technology goes and how we try to figure it out. In the past this kind of softwares were highly related and mainly used in architecture but in these days almost everyone knows to use any of them as Photoshop. Today with the 3D printing, it is more impressive yet, it brings “whatever” we want to the reality. As the prices of these machines decrease it will bring more projects focused in production as sculpture, product design and architecture. I should definitely dedicate a post for this theme.

In the previous posts which tolked about Nature 1 and 2, I mentioned some artists which also have some great 3D based works and skills such as Hugo Arcier, Andreas Nicolas Fisher, Quayola, Anne de Vries and Rick Silva. I recommend to check it again and their own website to see the rest of the works around this theme.


Zooms From Nowhere (Ecology Visions v~0.1), 2012 by Chris Timms is part of an ongoing engagement exploring experiential relationships with virtual content streams. Specifically live data and image feeds which accumulate beyond individual narratives into ambient meta-streams.
I also recommend to see Sensual Objects.


Kafka Office, 2012 by Bea Fremderman is roughly a two-minute video loop consisting of a 3D rendered office scene devoid of any workers. The architectural layout of the office space was designed to resemble a maze in which dead ends, formerly of the labyrinth, transform into individual cubicles that contain deserted office furniture. A continuous sunrise and sunset casts shadows onto the scene, alluding to a passage of time in increments of a single workday. Franz Kafka’s parables function by destroying reality to then scramble the fragments back together again. Kafka Office functions similarly, combining parts and segments of a Capitalist reality that can be viewed as a reflection of daily life that has slipped away from society’s consciousness.


This is an architectural structure for the digital collective Computers Club, it was designed and animated by Nicolas Sasson in 2011. The title of this piece is HEADQUARTERS ALTERNATE as it says is the alternate version of the original which is in color, check it out here.
I highly recommend to see other architectonic environments and objects created by Nicolas, which many of them are animated GIFs.


OVER AND OVER AGAIN, 2012 by Jeremy Couillard who makes vibrant, hard-edged, acrylic paintings that incorporate video and sculptural elements, imagining new spaces and objects that out-of-control technology might create. His world is one of colorful and disorienting spaces filled with strange gadgetry and furniture that summon a bygone idea of possibilities and hopes we once had for technology.
Highly recommended to visit his vimeo channel and watch the other great videos like this one.


Hyper Geography 2011, by Joe Hamilton. This video makes reference to the original project created by Joe called the same “Hyper Geography” which is Tumblr that he describes: “What in the history of thought may be seen as a confusion or an overlapping is often the precise moment of the dramatic impulse.” — Raymond Williams, “Ideas of Nature,” in Problems in Materialism and Culture. (London: Verso, 1980). Must see this project and the new ones he has been creating till today using several mediums to work through collage such a print, website and video, actually in this video I’m still not sure if it is a collage of 2D video sources or it was built in a 3D software despite there are three dimensional elements. Anyway the feeling of being into a hyper geography atmosphere is perfect!


This is a live audio visual performance by DUB-Russell (sound) and Akihiko Taniguchi (visual). The visuals of Akihiko have been created using Processing, this is a second version of an older project called 実家3D (3D Home)
Akihiko also created this year a nice web app which let user upload a GIF and show it into a 3D space over a pedestal, check it here.


Rooms 2012 by Sara Ludy was featured at Klausgallery while ago this year. This is the first piece of Sara using 3D software for her visuals works, also she did some interesting experiments to get a great texture on the video, as the gallery said; the artist-composed soundtrack, diligent video composition, and original textures are tempered by more oblique gestures, such as the choice by Ludy to re-photograph the piece by means of a projector in physical space prior to uploading to YouTube, reflecting her capacity to balance auteuristic experimentation with an acceptance of the essential unity of physical and idealized spaces. 

You can see more project of this series called Space Portraitson in her website.


In the next post I will speak more about interactive three-dimensional spaces and more.

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