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Your source does matter

Author: Triangulation

Section: NEW MEDIA

Date: 06.2013


Probably one of the most exciting things from the internet it’s the connection and interaction with stuff made by others. Regarding to art based websites we find a multitude of different types of sites which functions and goals that can be totally different and run from just sound or visual, mix media installations, interactive to social networks or more complex works. It’s a fact that the interaction with the piece itself could make it more enjoyable and make us to stay more time exploring the work. But another interesting feature it’s the customization of the piece itself with content coming from the user, a source which changes, modifies or it’s part of the artwork somehow.

Below there are some websites where your content can be part of each piece. I also wanted to feature some projects which are down or don’t work properly right now, one is the classic ASCIImeo where you can render Vimeo videos in different textmodes, it was created by Peter Nitsch. Read more about the project here and if the website doesn’t work yet, check out this video capture of the project working on.

Another project that seems to be down right now is Gifpumper created by Slava Balasanov 1 year ago, it consists in a real mix of the Internet, the perfect place to embed whatever you found online, such as GIFs, video, sound players, iframes… Gifpumper is a social network which lets user to create their own pages and to show and interact with them through several options such as the tridimensional view feature. (In case the website it’s still down you can read this interview with Slava about the project).


Gifmelter it’s to me the website of the year because of its visual and interactive experience, and how it “melts” the animated gif with the website technically and visually also it’s one of the most mesmerizing websites I know so far. It was created few months ago by Tim Baker and Chris Shier. Choose you favorite gif from the internet and melt it here.

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


YATTA! by MAADONNA consists in a website app which emotify the images the user drag and drop into the page, after loading the image the user can choose between 20 different sets of emoticons including those ones from Gmail, Emoji, Skype.. some video game sprites such as Super Mario, Final Fantasy.. and even some personalized sets such as 3bit blinking palette, bubbles, elevator, master hue, multi screen and stars. The website supports the transparency from the PNGs, allowing the user plays with the shapes of the images in many different ways. Try it with your portrait or any image you found on your desktop or on the internet.

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


MAADONNA is Emilio Gomariz and Kim Asendorf who both have also independent projects where you can embed, insert or play with stuff from the internet, specially Kim has been working quite a lot conceptually bringing, stealing and manipulating source from the internet to translate it into funny and great pieces, check out some of them such as Internet Extender, What Internet?, Super RT, Temporary Public (image below) which is “a contemporary html dump, an open board, a constantly changing website controlled by the website visitors. Temporary Public captures the moment and gives an insight into the thoughts of the previous user.”

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


Emilio Gomariz has presented last month a website called HR URL01 where the user can translate the online imagery source into a vertical animated abstract result. Insert whatever kind of image file and select the height of the horizontal slices from 1 pixel to 10 pixels to generate a different look.

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


YooouuuTuuube is a website created by David Kraftsow aka dontsave , where you can insert a YouTube video url and select three different distortion modes such as feedback, zoetrope and mosaic.

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


Akihiko Taniguchi made GIF 3D Gallery, an interactive tridimensional space/room with a pedestal simulating a physical room of a gallery where the user can upload an animated GIF through an url and contemplate it exhibited over that pedestal. The user also can interact with the view and perspective into the room through the mouse movement.
Another nice project by Akihiko is Big-Browser

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.net is a project created by Emilie Gervais working through a simple but great concept, consisting in a gendered HTML collection of websites where you can upload your own HTML pages as girl or boy art.
I want to mention a show by Emilie at #0000FF Gallery, a gallery hosted on Facebook curated by Georges Jacotey. Emilie’s exhibition is really interesting, she made a great research of painting tools on the internet where she experimented with each one to show the aesthetics, features and results as the title of the show says Stuff You Might Like

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


OKFocus made a great project where your content can be part of the project itself and it even can be used by other users. The project it’s called Overlayer basically you design an overlay, submit it on the website and it will be able to use for everyone on the site, take a self-portrait using the multiple designs at Overlayer, there are some funny, conceptual and really elaborated like the ones designed by Pinar & Viola.

Your source does matter l DRESSLAB


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  1. Chris Shier / 03.07.13

    One of the first publicly editable sites I ever used was metababy (1998-2003). Essentially it behaved in the same way as tempub.net does now. One page contained an editable text-area of the source for the front page. Volatile and exciting, it eventually became overrun with spam and trolls and the owners shut it down. There have been a few mirrors or resurrections of it since, but they are mostly defunct as well. Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metababy ) has a couple of links to some interesting information on the site [1] http://everything.blockstackers.com/title/Metababy [2] http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/MetaBaby

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