Comfort Food by Jessica Dance

Author: Pepa López de Arenosa

Section: NOTES

Date: 02.2016


Comfort Food by Jessica Dance l DressLab


Jessica Dance is not a run-of-the-mill publicist, but an Art Director, model maker and prop designer who creates the most eccentric and funny proposals. She designs for photography, store displays and interior design, using materials as shocking as paper, wool or plush. It may look hard to make a living by knitting stuff, but Jessica has worked for Mulberry, Harrods and other big companies. After giving life to the puppets of the Dorset Cereals campaign (one of the bigger and more entertaining projects of her career), this wool artist has launched a cool tasty proposal for the magazine Stylist: “Comfort food”, a series about happy food that keeps us warm in the winter months, with a huge double sense.


Comfort Food by Jessica Dance l DressLab


With some serious British vibe, Jessica Dance has recreated typical English meals by only using colorful wools and a domestic knitting machine from the Eighties. The pictures were taken by the brilliant photographer David Sykes, so the results couldn’t be better: a ton of pictures low on calories but high in wool. In these designs, the prop designer has managed to reflect de beauty inside food beyond flavors: color and shapes are as amazing as taste. By doing this, she proves the world that food is not only enjoyable by digesting it, but also its visual image can awake reaction in us, even if we cannot consume it.


Comfort Food by Jessica Dance l DressLab


Jessica Dance studied Fashion at Bournemouth Art Institute in 2011, focusing in accessories and textile fabrics. She still works on her accessory line, but now Jessica has gone far away from that: she just needs patterns (she makes them handmade), wool and lots of time. It takes several weeks of work for sculpting, sewing and knitting each prop she makes, but with these beautiful results, it’s worth it. Jessica Dance is living proof of the wollies’ triumph, those wool lovers who spend all their time knitting the world around them.


Comfort Food by Jessica Dance l DressLab


Design_ Jessica Dance
Photography_ David Sykes


Text_ Pepa López de Arenosa



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