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Fashion Compared

Author: Estel Vilaseca

Section: NOTES

Date: 03.2012

At a time when information travels faster and faster, and in larger packages, we miss the occasional stop at the station of reflection. With Paris fashion week just over and all the unimaginable graphic material available, we still want more. Articles in their original format lose interest and we feel the need to be told things another way. Using humour and imagination there are those who invite us to think and use the power of reference in fashion to write a stimulating and conversational discourse.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
Graphic designer Jonathan Zawada is the ideologist behind Fashematics, surprising mathematical equations to achieve the most bizarre and spectacular designs that stroll down catwalks across the world. This season, New York Magazine has invited him to come up with the perfect quadrature for the most unheard of ideas to visit New York Fashion Week. Where everyone saw oriental and samurai influences, shrewd Zawda perceived Mr. Grumpy and a load of electronic circuits. A good dose of originality that encourages us to see way beyond.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
The backstage photographer Greg Kessler has transformed his section Model-Morphosis in T-Style Magazine of The New York Times into an utter essential to discover the latest trends in make-up. Using technology’s possibilities, he turns the classic ‘before’ and ‘after’ into an interesting game. Models pose fresh-faced to be photographed later in full dress and make-up. By moving the cursor we can appreciate in detail and with precision the intent and purpose of hair and make-up.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
A simple idea with surprising results. The Sartorial Twist proposes a reinterpretation, not without humour, of the street portraits published daily by The Sartorialist. Three pieces that, at random, construct fantastic, exquisite corpses sporting fun outfits. The machine suggests and the eye judges and plays till it comes up with an outfit it likes. The satisfaction of coming up with an original and unique outfit is the prize for taking part.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
What would one of Alexander McQueen’s dresses taste like? On Taste of Runway they try to answer this question by creating recipes inspired in catwalk designs. A daring take on trends, turning the most creative attire into an edible experience. At the same time opening up a suggestive approach to the most conventional fashion. Paco Rabanne’s proposal is an ideal sardine in marinade and the impressive design by Burton for McQueen a delicious sorbet.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
With a large dose of humour The Nerd Boyfriend recovers images of famous male icons. The unexpected and very varied selection sways between the gobsmacking outfits from impossible comedians, retro ideas for handsome schoolboys, and the timeless outfits of intellectuals with good taste. For all of the suggestions the blog offers the possibility to get hold of similar items in a single click. A fun and ironic version of the tiresome “copy the style of so and so”, that floods the headlines of women’s’ magazines and press notes.



Moda Comparada I DressLab.com
Based on the fun game of reasonable similarities, Mélanie Crété, social media manager of Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine, has created the addictive interactive blog This/or/That/?/. In each post, two images are compared, challenging what we know and demonstrating the highly referential side of fashion. All ‘this’ we thought to be original has a “that” that questions it. Concepts such as past and present, new and old, copy and original, coincidence or plagiarism, mingle fluidly in an enriching exercise. If you can think of a comparison, share it. Mine is already published.


Text_ Estel Vilaseca



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