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Hello, my name is…

Author: Estel Vilaseca

Section: NOTES

Date: 01.2012


A few years back, information about designers was scarce. The general public knew about them via the media and professionals could access to their worlds through the press offices that represented them. These intermediaries usually generated an impassable wall, only accessible to a certain lucky few, and that managed to elevate these personalities into a glass tower where they created their dreamy designs from. Internet 2.0 and its content distribution channels has destroyed that impenetrable barrier, and now it’s them, the designers, who feel the pressing need to communicate with those who follow them. From their blog, facebook, tumblr, twitter or instagram, with the aid of an invisible professional team in their name, they open and share their worlds.



Hello my name is I DressLab.com
One of the most veteran designers to keep a blog is British Paul Smith. For years Smith has converted his web log into an amusing personal diary where, above all, he talks about things he enjoys: photography, art, cooking and cycling. Without giving way to trite content, this space, written first hand in the first person, shows us there is life beyond fashion.
Eley Kishimoto are other pioneers. Their first entries date back to 2006. Content is mainly about the brand, often told by Mark Eley himself.
On a much less intimate note, but interesting for the quality of its content, we find Chanel News. Everything you want to know about the French firm, exclusively and exquisitely told. Who could ask for more?



Hello my name is I DressLab.com
Due to its more immediate and visual qualities over a blog, the tumblr has achieved a strong list of supporters in a short time. From The Observation Deck, American designer Jason Wu shows us the creative process behind his collections in images: the hunt for the perfect hairstyle for the catwalk, the adjustments in the fittings or the final result of the beautiful inspiration moodboards.
The couple formed by Nicole and Michael Colovos, architects of Helmut Lang’s resurrection, inspire us on a daily basis with little morsels of titillating information via The Helmut Lang Jorunal.
In Spain, the youngest are the most faithful to this form of communication. From the Tumblr American Pérez, Jorge and Natalia show us images that seduce them and help them define their creative universe.



Hello my name is I DressLab.com
If we had to name a brand that makes the most out of Facebook, Rodarte would, without a doubt, be one of them. In Official Rodarte the team made up of the Mulleavy sisters keeps us informed of all their movements. Using this channel they revealed, before anyone else did, their long-awaited collaboration with A Magazine. Last minute news updates, collaborations, appearances in the press…without the need to create their own channel from their own website, achieve a huge impact.
Along the same lines, with the same aim, but perhaps slightly less personality, Proenza Schouler‘s Facebook page is updated nearly every day.



Hello my name is I DressLab.com
One of the most solid adventures into brand communication via twitter is that of Donna Karan with her account DKNY Pr Girl followed by 372.000 people. Last October, for the first time, her followers could put a face to that key member of DKNY in a promotional video by the company.
While we wait for her new website, English designer Mary Katrantzou personally keeps us entertained and informed from her @MaryKatrantzou.
Viktor & Rolf have managed to get us hooked by communicating without intermediaries, in a fresh and direct manner via @Viktor_and_Rolf.



Hello my name is I DressLab.com
In little less than a year, Instragram has taken shape as a solid social network using instant photography as a means of communication.
Burberry, probably the most promising student in the good use of each and every one of the tools we’ve mentioned, has not taken long to include it in their wide range of channels.
The American company Kate Spade, lover of visual culture, has found their perfect partner to explain what goes on in their house, without, hardly, using words.
Gucci, on the other hand, uses it to offer unpublished images from their archives, alongside newsflashes from some of their collaborators’ iphones.


Text_ Estel Vilaseca



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