Non-Gender, blur lines between genders

Author: Pepa López de Arenosa

Section: NOTES

Date: 03.2016


Non-Gender, blur lines between genders / DressLab


The gender revolution is finally around and has found the perfect spot in the fashion Universe. Men, women, transgender, is the end of gender labels! Who you are doesn’t matter anymore, fashion doesn’t make distinctions and that’s great news. Why should we keep using concepts from the past when no one follows them anymore? Women look for their oversize clothes at the Men department, while guys prefer skinny jeans from the women section. The perfect sneakers are bought in the kids’ zone just to find them cheaper, say goodbye to cataloguing! This century is for the gender revolution and, if there is a World that loves revolutions, is the fashion World.


Non-Gender, blur lines between genders / DressLab


Some may say that this change is making everything confusing. Nothing further from the truth! Getting rid of the gender idea turns everything into something appropriate, you can wear whatever you want. Coats, jeans, sweaters…this is the logic evolution of the boyfriend jeans’ concept, taken to the extreme. The importance of this gender redistribution is so huge that professional models have been forced to adapt, adopting different genders according to the needs. New top models are emerging with these ideals, such as Maryna Bunyak (right) or Andrej Pejic, called “the prettiest boy in the world”.


Non-Gender, blur lines between genders / DressLab


Obviously, wherever the fashion aims its goals Zara puts its objective and this case wouldn’t be less. With this idea, the brand has launched the collection Ungenered, with unisex clothes suitable for both genders. Despite of the controversy and rejection among the public, la main store of Inditex is setting a precedent in the low cost universe and approaching the concept of non-gender to the whole society. Remember this date, is the moment in which gender lines get blurry.


Non-Gender, blur lines between genders / DressLab


Text_ Pepa López de Arenosa



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