Plus size gets manly (and sexier) with Zach Miko

Author: Pepa López de Arenosa

Section: NOTES

Date: 04.2016


Zach Miko / DressLab


The plus size empire is just getting off the ground. The era of curvy blog is now, with awesome influencers such as Nicolette Mason. XXL models are living their moment of glory and any real brand has its plus line. We are living the age of body cult, but any kind of body cult. Curvies are the new sexy! Dad bods, chubby, real-sized…every option is on the hip now. In a World that finally accepts any kind of body shape; the unresolved matter was XXL male models. Not anymore. Here it comes Zach Miko with a new way of curvy market. Chubby guys want fashion and trends too!


Zach Miko / DressLab


This 26-years-old American is breaking the mould. Actor, waiter and comedian, Zach had already modeled for some brands like Target, but his stardom came with the recruitment by IMG, the famous model agency. What does Zach Miko looks like? 2 meters long and 100 cm. wide, this model breaks all conventions. Not obese or malformed, Zach is just huge. Forget the skinny models with helpless look and feminine vibe, is time for Vikings-style models that won’t fit in a size 40 from Calvin Klein.


Zach Miko / DressLab


Ivan Bart was the one who discovered Zach Miko via Instagram and hired him for IMG. In his own words, “the body positive messaging and size diversity is something that’s relevant and something that continues to be on everybody’s mind. We have to extend the conversation for men”. The CEO of the agency knows the deal: curvy is trend and a great market to operate in, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Society is receptive and men want to experiment it. Today is the moment and Zach Miko is the face (and body). Beauty standards are changing, let’s live and enjoy the evolution. Possibilities are endless; Zach is the living proof of it.


Model_ Zach Miko
Text_ Pepa López de Arenosa



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