Raíz, a reflection by Miguel Vallinas

Author: Pepa López de Arenosa

Section: NOTES

Date: 02.2016


Raíz by Miguel Vallinas l DressLab


In his photography series “Raíz” (“Root” in English), the artist Miguel Vallinas replaces the heads of the models with beautiful flower bouquets. This is his third picture collection, focused in the study of the individual identity, the concept of person and the existence. Following this thought, he shows us different kinds of floral ornaments in different blooming stadiums, from those newer and colorful to others withered and old that have faced the passing of time.


Raíz by Miguel Vallinas l DressLab


The head is represented by the flower of the plant, the body being the stem and the feet on the floor the roots, what connect us to the ground. This concept is the main spotlight of the series and the one responsible for its title. “Raíz” is more than an original and delicate fashion editorial, it goes beyond that and becomes a metaphor about life and its origin, being the ground the place from where we start and grow.


Raíz by Miguel Vallinas l DressLab


In the artist own words, “roots are the basis of our existence and they inevitably determine our path’s direction. The term root implies settlement, basis and sustenance. This collection talks about the search of identity and the human context, which may be social, cultural, economic or familiar. This concept may be one of the matters that, in an indirect way, determine the humankind choices and the search of the real self.”


Raíz by Miguel Vallinas l DressLab


The temporal condition of the human being is also represented in these pictures through the plant’s blooming stadium. There are some bloomed individuals and others withered; even some evergreen options. The flower represents the image we project to the World, our identity brand, which may be real or a mask to hide the real one. Anyway, it’s obvious that Miguel Vallinas has managed to hide the main element of the series, the roots. We can see the stem and the flower, but the essential is up to our imagination. Just brilliant.


Raíz by Miguel Vallinas l DressLab


Photography_ Miguel Vallinas
Text_ Pepa López de Arenosa



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