Tangerine Flavor

Author: Estel Vilaseca

Section: NOTES

Date: 02.2011


Orange, the colour of fire, pumpkins and mandarins, has always been pushed into the background by red, the colour of Valentino, passion and blood. This season, however, it’s all yours.

A long line of clothes designers have introduced orange-coloured items into their latest ranges, and even if it’s not very discreet, it looks both attractive and good enough to eat.


tangerine flavor


tangerine flavor


tangerine flavor


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  1. Carlos / 22.02.11

    El naranja es el color del exito. El bolso de 1970 es espectacular y las combinaciones son perfectas. Olé por el mando JSB

  2. CeeCee / 16.03.16

    This color is absolutely devine. I believe something quite similar, peach echo is going to be the go to color SS16

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