Author: Tanya Kechichian

Section: SEE

Date: 05.2012



Video. Tanya Kechichian
Model. Iggy
Stylist. Toyo Tsuchiya
Make-up. Jenny Kanavaros
Hair. Alexander Tome
Assistant Camera. Christian Parsons


1st Look
Knit and Chiffon Top – Shui Chen
Button Down Shirt and Pants – Daniella Kallmeyer
Silver Collar – Arielle De Pinto
Sunglasses – Mykita
Gold Sandals – Pedro Garcia
2nd Look
Jacket – Daniella Kallmeyer
Dress – Nomia
Necklaces and Bracelet – Arielle De Pinto
3rd Look
Shoulder Piece – Arielle De Pinto
Vest – Nomia
Gold Leather Pants – Daniella Kallmeyer
Silver Sunglasses – MYKITA
4th Look
Button Down Shirt and Jewelry – Daniella Kallmeyer
5th Look
Blazer – Karolina Zmarlak
Dress – Herve Leger
Ring – Bevel by Jonathan Lloyd Goldstein
6th Look
Jacket – Won Hundred
Bodysuit – Dominic Louis
Drop Crotch Shorts – Park Choomoo
Bracelet and Ring – Bevel by Jonathan Lloyd Goldstein
Necklace – Ports 1961
7th Look
Dress – Herve Leger
Necklace – Daniella Kallmeyer



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