Author: Charlene Bagcal

Section: SEE

Date: 08.2012


For the past few years, Charlene, a.k.a. Charley, has been working as a freelance art director and internationally published fashion/music photographer. Within the last year, she has also added director to her roster. With the success of her unique fashion films, one of which made the Fashion Film Network’s top 10 film list, she is also making the ambitious leap into the movie industry to expand on her work.

Maintaining the integrity of her stylized aesthetic, she makes personal work on a film level because she feels mainstream film loses something special in the translation. There is pure emotion in Charlene’s films that is conveyed on a conceptual and visually striking level. Her aesthetic has been compared to the visual splendor of Alejandro Jodorowsky, while possessing her almost futuristic, minimalist and dark point of view.

We hope you enjoy her Fashion Film for DRESSLAB.



Written and Directed__ Charlene Bagcal
Starring__ Madeleine Hamer
Cinematographer__ Amberlie Bankoff
Art Director__ Charlene Bagcal
Stylist__ Anastasia Sargent
Make up__ Rachel Vang
Hair__ Dani Spataro
Production Assistant__ Zell Thomas
Editor & Colorist__ Shawn Bann
Composer__ George Cochrane
Sound Design__ Shawn Bann
Featured Designers__ Mara Hoffman + Belle N. Matisse + BK Phillips + Threadroit



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