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Date: 01.2012


“We have to wait and see, but obviously, it’s becoming more commercialized” stated Diane Pernet when we asked her on how she saw the future of fashion film.
Fashion guru, designer, blogger, editor and an endless list of other professional occupations within the world of fashion, Pernet is the creator of the fashion and cinema festival ASVOFF, that this year, is celebrated in Barcelona, where for four days the city turns into the international epicentre of the best fashion cinema produced by both professionals and students of the sector.

Traditionally, fashion has been associated with the aesthetic image: photography. The best photographers in the world have taken part in catwalks, campaigns, and publicity; however, little attention has been paid to the moving image, to cinema, despite great campaigns having been created and the medium offering so many possibilities. With this objective, in 2008, Diane Pernet creates A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival, a festival dedicated entirely to cinema and fashion, inspired by her own blog, A Shaded View on Fashion.

This edition, the winner of the best short film participating in the festival was Ephemeral Nature by Gsus López. Alongside La Taille by Marie and Kristian Schuller winning the prize for Best Fashion Director or Twin Parallel, by Justin Anderson winner of the Best Artistic Direction Prize.

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