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Claudia Ligari Spring/Summer 2012 « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Claudia Ligari Spring/Summer 2012

Author: Daniel Dunt

Section: SHOW

Date: 07.2012


Italian born, London based womenswear designer Claudia Ligari graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy in 2004. After graduation, she absolved numerous internships for various brands such as Missoni and Alexander McQueen. Claudia moved to London in 2005 and, after gaining a ‘Senior Designer’ position for the vibrant British high-street market, developed her skills further, focusing predominately on fine tailoring whilst creating fully marketable collections with a perfect understanding of different market demands. She then went on to launch her brand in the spring of 2011, presenting her first ever commercial collection.

Claudia’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is inspired by sportswear and presents her evident, continuous experimentation with mixed materials. ‘I always like when things are clashing‘ is what Claudia told us when we asked about the fabrics used in the collection adding, ‘That’s what I try to do every time‘. Claudia designs for the postmodern woman, and this is shown in this collection in particular through her use of hand painted and sewn rubber nets, alongside tridimensional side panels featured on dresses, which all come together and form a surprising elegant yet artsy outcome.


Claudia Ligari I DRESSLAB
Claudia Ligari I DRESSLAB


Claudia has used a monochromatic palette of white throughout this collection and, after asking her, she said ‘My Spring/Summer 2012 collection is the collection I feel is closer to me. It came at a period in my life when lots of positive changes were happening, so I had this initial concept of doing everything in one colour and the colour that came out of my feelings was white, because I needed newness and I felt that I was breathing something new in my life and white was the colour to represent that‘ adding, ‘It did work. I’m really happy with the result!‘.


Claudia Ligari I DRESSLAB
Claudia Ligari I DRESSLAB


To conclude, after asking Claudia about her overall aesthetic, she replied ‘I always collaborate with textile designers and painters, because I want to make something very interesting and something different‘, which is exactly what she does flawlessly each and every season.

You can view more of Claudia’s work on the Claudia Ligari website and purchase the current collection via her e-shop.


Claudia Ligari I DRESSLAB


Text__ Daniel Dunt
Photography__ Rosa Rendl
Styling__ Sarai Jasmine Struck
Hair & Beauty__ Giada Venturini
Spring/Summer 2012 Collection__ Claudia Ligari



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