Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17

Author: Agnes Deer

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Date: 03.2016


Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17 / DressLab


The Fall/Winter 2016–2017 collection shown by Creatures of Comfort in New York this past fashion week has been true to the brand’s name and the day when it was presented, one of the coldest in the fashion capital. The labels outfits felt like swaddling in a blanket in your sofa in a cold rainy winter New York day. However, if we add some flat shoes to the oversize looks, the result is the intellectual Soho look that could well fit into a current-day Woody Allen film. And, yes it is true, this is the definition of sexy for some women: comfort and intelligence.


Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17 / DressLab


Designer Jade Lai decided to explore 17th century Dutch romanticism and romance in general. The collection was not ruled by only one influence or style but rather by a common thread that was obvious in the shapes, patterns, and the choice of colors. Moreover, we saw for the first time the accessories, which are currently being made in Italy, where the production of bags and shoes has been recently moved. The result? A great leap to a superior level in quality and craftsmanship.


Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17 / DressLab

Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17 / DressLab


Amongst the dominant excess and romanticism, cashmere and chenille knits stood out with their loose shapes, very long sleeves, and pompoms (pointing to ancient pantomime costumes). Other standouts are the frilly floor-length skirts, the heart prints and the outfit with which the designer opened the show: a pink velvet suit (creating one of the “it” combinations of the season with a yellow turtleneck) which gave a whimsy flair to the collection.


Creatures of Comfort FW 16-17 / DressLab


However, do not be afraid, Lai did not fall (or will she ever) into affectation and she has been able to perfectly balance her designs with the sobriety of denim pieces, wool coats in dark shades, and nylon parkas.


Collection_ Creatures of Comfort
Text_ Agnes Deer



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