Danit Peleg. 3D Printed Fashion

Author: Danit Peleg

Section: SHOW

Date: 08.2015



Danit Peleg talks :

“In September 2014 I started working on my graduate collection for my Fashion Design degree at Shenkar.

This year, I decided to work with 3D printing, which I barely knew anything about. I wanted to check if it’d be possible to create an entire garment using technology accessible to anyone.

So I embarked on my 3D printing journey, without really knowing what the end result would be.

My inspiration was Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. I modified it so it would look like a 3D picture. I was inspired to work with the many triangle present in the painting’s composition.

The first piece I focused on was the “LIBERTE” jacket. I modeled the jacket using a software called Blender and produced 3D files; I could now start to experiment with different materials and printers.”


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