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Julie Eilenberger Autumn/Winter 2012 « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Julie Eilenberger Autumn/Winter 2012

Author: Daniel Dunt

Section: SHOW

Date: 08.2012


Danish womenswear designer Julie Eilenberger moved to Florence, Italy, at the age of 18 where she studied Art and Costume History before being accepted into Fashion Design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. In 2011, Julie graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin with highest honors in Fashion Design and soon moved to London, where she gained work experience at Christopher Kane.

Julie founded a womenswear brand in her own name in 2011, and is currently based in east London. She constantly plays with “structure and contrasting materials and the hidden use of irony and nostalgia” and, according to her biography, “she uses a mix of traditional and modern elements to play with boundaries and to search for the unusual”, which is incredibly evident throughout all of her work.


Julie Eilenberger I DRESSLAB


I caught up with her and asked, What is the inspiration behind your Autumn/Winter 2012 collection? and she replied promptly with, “I was reading a book about the history of stripes, dating back to the middle ages, where any striped textile were thought of as the devil’s cloth and was only used for prostitutes and criminals, always in brown, crème and black tones. For decades the stripe had extremely negative connotations which I found really interesting and ironic, given that it is such a common part of everyone’s wardrobe today. I wanted to use these old fashioned, unflattering colours in a modern and sportier cut.”
In order to do this, Julie has used a luxurious assortment of silks, wools and fox fur throughout the collection.


Julie Eilenberger I DRESSLAB


When I asked, Where do you find inspiration for your work? Julie replied, “Everywhere! I get a lot of my inspiration from movies. I like to isolate myself for days, watching one movie after the other and forget about everything real! Yesterday I was watching Prozac Nation while making patterns with the rain pouring down outside. That was a perfect Sunday for me.”
That’s right, if you’re an aspiring fashion designer, lock yourself in a room on your own and watch hundreds of movies!


Julie Eilenberger I DRESSLAB


It’s always interesting to go back to a designers roots and find out why they began doing what they’re doing and, on that note, I asked Julie, What initially made you want to become a designer? and she replied, “I grew up in a creative family; my mother being a graphic designer and my dad a photographer, so it was always kind of on the cards for me to do something creative. As a child I used to dress up both my sister and my brother and do little fashion shows and photo shoots in the living room. My interest in fashion and what people wear began very early. It wasn’t before I turned 18 and moved to Italy to study fashion design that I really became conscience about how I wanted to be a designer myself.”
She’s an incredibly intriguing individual and, after packing up and moving to London by herself at just 18 years of age, she’s definitely a go getter!


Julie Eilenberger I DRESSLAB


Julie is currently working on her Spring/Summer 2013 collection and, after bugging her, the only hint she gave me in regards to the aesthetic behind the collection is that it will be colourful. Nevertheless, I’m almost positive that it’ll be worth the long, anxious wait!

You can view more of Julie’s work on the Julie Eilenberger website and keep on top of all updates from the brand via Julie’s blog.


Text__ Daniel Dunt
Photography__ Lena Emery
Stylist__ Grace Joel
Hair & Make-up__ Linda Andersson
Model__ Sophie Yall



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