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Author: Katja Kremenić

Section: SHOW

Date: 05.2013


James Blake / Overgrown


Kiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLABKiss The Future l DRESSLAB

“I consider my work as a creative playground for establishing an ambience full imagination, theatrical fantasy and exuberant creativity.” With these words Tanja Padan, designer for Kiss The Future, describes her love for her work.

A graduate from Ljubljana University, Padan made the decision to create a company in which the principle objective was to design articles of clothing that managed to communicate ideas relating to everyday environments and, as a result, provoke minor alterations in traditional viewpoints.

Her collections are among the most eclectic, ranging from oversized nightshirts in the style of Commes Des Garçons, to leggings with outrageous prints, asymmetric dresses that emphasise the female figure, and patchwork overalls.

She defines her pieces as objects of desire that have no specific purpose though she is fully convinced they are must haves for our wardrobe.

The future for this Slovenian designer is very promising and she manages to avoid the typical “upcoming designer” tag by creating a new concept of brand name in which the corporate image is far less important than the clothes themselves.

Today in Dresslab we are offering you an exclusive peek at the latest sportswear collection where, under the title Cosy Leisurewear Unitard, Tanja Padan has designed a series of articles with futuristic touches that, according to the designer herself, are for wearing “reading a book while sipping on a glass of wine after work and at the same time lokking fabulous enough to be consiferred as a modern art piece.”


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Photography_ Katja Kremenić
Text_ Pol Valero
Music_ James Blake / Overgrown



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