Natalie B Coleman. Spring/Summer 2013

Author: Daniel Dunt

Section: SHOW

Date: 10.2012


For Spring/Summer 2013, Natalie B Coleman, a very talented Irish womenswear designer who has also been awarded The Golden Egg Innovation Award for Designer or the Year 2012, presents us with yet another beautiful, feminine collection of unique garments that boast her admiration towards print and luxury, and being able to throw the two components together in a seemingly effortless way.

The collection is uniquely titled “Sarah’s Suitcase” and even though the images of the collection have not yet been released, Natalie has produced a breath-taking campaign video with MeAndBe Pictures, a London based fashion film & photography duo, that summarises the simplistic concept behind the collection using beautiful imagery with a creative twist.

Impeccably tailored feminine garments, vintage cars, picnic blankets and paint palettes are just some of the many things featured throughout the video, and each and every minute is an absolute delight to watch.



+info__ Natalie B Coleman
Video__ MeAndBe pictures
Text__ Daniel Dunt



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