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Niels Peeraer Spring/Summer 2013 « DressLab : clothes+music+art
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Niels Peeraer Spring/Summer 2013

Author: Daniel Dunt

Section: SHOW

Date: 12.2012


Kimbra. Settle Down


Graduating from the Royal Fashion Academy of Antwerp in 2011 and living in Paris, Niels Peeraer is a talented leather craftsman who uses vegetable tanned leather in combination with brass fittings to create beautiful unisex leather accessories such as bags, necklaces, bracelets, rings and headwear.


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


Niels believes that “there is no limit to cuteness” and this is most definitely portrayed throughout each and every one his collections, enabling him to win the innovation award from Anne Chapelle (leading woman behind Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackerman) for his bachelor collection ‘KIZOKUSYAKAI NO DOREI, GEISHA N°58-65’.

For Spring/Summer 2013 Niels presents us with a beautiful collection of his signature pieces, all of which have been crafted from cream vegetable tanned leather and combined with brass fittings, creating an incredibly elegant and clean collection. When I asked Niels about his ‘signature’ aesthetic, he replied, “I have been known for my accessories made in creamy pink thick vegetable tan leather, combined with brass fittings” adding, “The fact that I always work gender-less (and that I always use Asian boys to present this) is also about the first thing people know about my work“, which is an evident aspect throughout all of Niels’ work.


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


Golden rays seal the gift as Zephyr crowns your silken heart” is what Niels describes as the concept behind his Spring/Summer 2013 collection, adding “This time I wanted it to be a bit mysterious and vague so people needed to think about it. It’s inspired on the story of 2 Greek Gods which I interpreted in my own way. Zephyrus: about the tenderness and fragility of love from the gentlest of winds to a young boy. Pandora: about locking up that fragility to protect it from getting harmed. With ‘crowning a heart’ I refer to the action of declaring your love, giving someone the power to ‘rule’ your heart” which I personally feel is an incredibly mysterious but fascinating concept.

In reply to my question, “Where do you find your inspiration?” Niels stated, “I find basically all my inspiration images online. It’s such a huge and fast database that it would be a shame not to use it. Then I always play with these images, if you place two images next to each other their subject can completely change. Then from this new context I make up my own story. The story for my collection is always a combination of the stories I came across with during that period.


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


I always find it curious as to why designers choose accessories over clothing and clothing over accessories and on that note I asked Niels, “Why did you choose to design accessories rather than clothing?”, and he responded with, “I found out in my MA that I got the biggest response and the biggest passion for my accessories; these are the things that tell your ‘story’. Accessories are always as an ‘extra’ to make your look complete and to make yourself stand out. So choosing accessories, I would have to compromise less. Although now I started my label of course I work as hard on practicality as on the design.


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


Niels’ work is intriguing; he is honest and has an incredibly intellectual approach to design. What else could we possibly ask for from an emerging accessories designer?

You can view more of Niels’ work on the Niels Peeraer website and purchase selected pieces via the Ra e-shop here.


Niels Peeraer I DRESSLAB


Text_ Daniel Dunt
Photography_ Wenn-Kee Hsu
+ info_ Niels Peeraer




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