Oh Judy by Manuel Bolaño

Author: Agnes Deer

Section: SHOW

Date: 02.2016


Oh Judy by Manuel Bolaño l DressLab


Manuel Bolaño is one of those designers that always has everyone waiting for more, be it fans, press or just fashion-lovers. You know every season will be a new amazing surprise, that is why we could not wait to see his creations this past week. Day 2 of 080 BCN was too long to wait for his new collection “Oh Judy, I Need Your Love”. Bolaño does not know the meaning of boredom, if his previous inspiration had been a child she-wolf, this time, the designer travels to the Bible Belt, deep into the United States and its strong tradition of beauty pageants.


Oh Judy by Manuel Bolaño l DressLab


Manuel Bolaño sees fashion as an art and thus he showed it in his performance. The first on the catwalk were not the models but artists, which painted the scene during the show in different formats (from canvas to iPad). In just 10 looks, the collection got us fascinated. Beauty pageants were just used as an excuse for a suggestive title and a chance to include the designer’s favorite American trends in his styling. Cowboy shirts were combined with floral prints in a plastic effect fabric, and he did not forget about denim, Far West-style neck-kerchiefs and fringed pants.


Oh Judy by Manuel Bolaño l DressLab

Oh Judy by Manuel Bolaño l DressLab


Baroque style and excess are Bolaño’s signature, never expect a minimal collection from him (or maybe we should once it is out of fashion?). We have enjoyed metallic shiny fabrics in golden and silver in hemlines, shoes, and even an amazing silver suit with golden stars, waxed cotton, sequins and shine, shine, shine. What would a beauty pageant be without the kitschy feel of glitter? Because in the end, winning is what matters, we got to know the 3 misses worthy of praise: runner-ups Miss-teriosa (Mysterious) and Miss-ionera (Missionary) and absolute queen of the ball, Miss-ericordia (Mercy) splendid in her tiara.


Collection_ Oh Judy, I Need Your Love by Manuel Bolaño
Text_ Agnes Deer



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