Author: Pol Valero

Section: SHOW

Date: 12.2012


M83. Wait


Fashion is born to die. With this premise, Efímero comes to life with its expiration date already stamped.


Efimero l DRESSLAB


The authors of this project, which may be considered as a blend of fashion and art, are Lisi Lluch Herbert and Alex Fernández-Cruz, and the project comes to life in Barcelona, in 2013, with the first collection “Birth-2013”, only to expire in 2017.

As in every Efímero collection, artists from the world over are selected, each of whom captures their version of the concept in one, unique piece which is then printed on organic cotton T-shirts, silk-screened and dyed with eco-friendly dyes in a totally artisan fashion and, as one would expect, sold in limited editions.


Efimero l DRESSLAB


Last week saw the presentation of the first collection in the Pop-Up Store, located in the centre of Barcelona. On this occasion, twelve artists have been selected to represent the concept of “birth”, including Talita Hoffman, Vera G., Mari Kanstand Johnsen, Stuart Patience, among others.


Efimero l DRESSLAB


T-shirts may be acquired via the company website or in the Pop-Up Store in the Bulevard Rosa on Paseo de Gracia up until the 12th of January next year.



+ info_ Efímero
Text_ Pol Valero
Photography_ Mike Madrid
Music_ M83. Wait



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